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1. Validation of the contract
Please send the application form to the school center you have chosen. Minimum age for admission is 16 years. The contract is valid only when the school confirms your application in writing. The confirmation will be sent to you as soon as possible.

2. Payments
2.1. Together with the application, the school must receive the payment of the registration fee. The balance of the course fees is due not later than 21 days prior the beginning of the course. For late enrollments (i.e. less than 21 days prior the beginning of the course) the total tuition fee must be paid upon enrollment. Students needing a Visa are required to follow a different procedure (see point 8).

2.2. Credit card payments as well as International Post Money Order are accepted. Please referof the school center of your choice. In case of bank transfer, please make sure that any bank fee is charged to the sender (‘OUR’ Instruction).

2.3. Accommodation fees are to be paid cash upon arrival in Italy and in full for each month or for shorter terms.

3. Services
The contractual services provided appear in the brochure and in the price list. Special or extra agreements must be confirmed in writing.

4.    Cancellations
4.1. Cancellations must be sent to the school center by registered letter, fax or email.

4.2. If the cancellation is made more than 21 days before the beginning of the course, the school refunds the total amount except the registration fee. This registration fee can be used for a future course, within 12 months from the start date of the original course cancelled.

4.3. If the cancellation is made up to 15 days before the beginning of the course, the school retains the amount of the registration fee, one week's tuition and one week's accommodation fees. Up to this date, the school accepts registration by another person, as a replacement for the original applicant. In this case, a handling fee of 45 Euro is charged.

4.4. For cancellations occurring on later dates, the school retains the amount of the registration fee, two weeks' tuition and two weeks' accommodation fees.

4.5. If the cancellation is made after the course has been started, the total entire fees are retained, even if the booked period of study is more than one month, i. e. no refunds will be made.
4.6. All courses start on the published fixed dates and take place from Monday to Friday. No reductions or refunds apply in case of late arrivals, early departure or missed lessons.
4.7. In case of cancellation due to Visa refusal, please check our special conditions of cancellation.

5.    Lessons
Lessons are held from Monday to Friday, either in the morning or in the afternoon. Lessons are not held and not refunded on national and local public holidays. Please check the bank holidays on our calendar.

6.    Accommodation
6.1. Accommodation is available from 2:00pm on the Sunday before the beginning of the course to 10:00am on the Saturday after the end of the course. Earlier and later arrival or departure day and time must be confirmed in writing by the school. The school advices an accommodation based on the student's request and preferences, easing the direct contact between the student and the tenant.

6.2. Credit card is required to guarantee the accommodation booking.
6.3. A cash deposit of 100 Euros is required to get the keys of your apartment accommodation. The deposit will be returned upon check-out unless of proved damages caused by the student, less reparation costs if needed.

7.    Insurance
7.1. Our students are insured against accidents occurring during their journey to school (one hour before lessons start and one hour after lessons), during the class hours and the cultural activities arranged by the school.

7.2. Participants are not insured against illness, accidents, theft or loss of personal possessions, either by the schools or by those offering the accommodation. We therefore recommend to have a personal insurance to cover illness and injuries.

7.3. During a stay in Italy, students must be personally insured against illness and accident (Italian law). Citizens from EU countries, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Island benefit from free medical care in Italy if they hold an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC-Card) which can be obtained in their home country before departing for Italy. Students from other countries are adviced to check their insurance benefits abroad.
7.4. Moreover, participants are recommended to insure themselves against loss of fees due to non-arrival, absence or unexpected termination of their course.

8.    Visa:
If a Visa is requested, we recommend to contact the nearest Italian Embassy or Consulate to enquiry about eligibility and requirements. Special booking conditons apply in case the student needs documents for Visa application to be provided by the school. As soon as we receive the booking and the evidence of payment of the total tuition fee, we will send you our specific Certificate of Enrollment for Visas. This document fulfills one of the requirements to obtain a Visa. You are responsible for obtaining the Visa and for any Visa-related expenses.
You may check if you need a Visa by clicking here.

9.    Personal data
The participant authorizes the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci to include her/his personal data in a mailing list for third parties and promotions. This consent can be withdrawn at any time in accordance to art. 13, 675/96 of the Italian Law.

10.    Photographs and video pictures
The School reserves the right to use photographs and/or video pictures taken during the class hours or free time activities to the purpose of publishing promotional material. This right can be interdicted by the student with a written statement to be received by the school within one month from the day of the photo-shoot.

11.    Changing in course programs and prices
The schools reserve the right to modify their course programs and prices.

12.    Acceptance
Above “General Conditions of Participation” are meant accepted by the submission of any application form.

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