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Learn Italian in Italy with Scuola Leonardo
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Italiaanse cursus in Italie met de Italiaanse taalschool Leonardo da Vinci
Jazykove pobyty italie
Italian Italyada italyanca Курси Італійської мови для іноземців у Італії зі школою Леонардо да Вінчі Poland
Italian Language School, learn Italian in Italy in Florence, Rome and Siena
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레져와 스포츠
Italian Language School, learn Italian in Italy in Florence, Rome and Siena
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2003년 방문하신 손님이 남긴 글...
메시지에 클릭해 주세요: 1999 - 2000 - 2001-2002

From: Mila Gorini
Posted: August 08, 2003
Country: UK  

A wonderful inspiriation... keep it up.

From: Peter
Posted: August 08, 2003
Country: UK  

Ich war letztes Jahr in Rom für 5 Wochen und das war eine unvergesslich schöne Zeit.
Studenten von überall, bellissima Roma, Kunst, Kultur, Pasta nie basta... einfach traumhaft!
Ich wollte vor allem meine beiden Lehrer grüssen und ihnen danken, für die Mühe und die Geduld, die sie mit uns hatten. Denn nicht jeder ist sprachbegabt (ich gehöre zu denen).
Das sind: Signor Marco Zappaterreno und Cristiano ? (Aussehen, wie Antonio Banderas).

Grazie di cuore per tutto!
Grazie Roma!
Und... ich habe eine Münze in die Fontana di Trevi geworfen...
somit ist meine Rückkehr nach Roma gesichert!!!

Saluti da Zurigo

From: Victoria
Posted: July 10, 2003
Country: Spain  

Hi all, this is going to be my second time
with u (I will be there for the next 2 weeks starting on the 14th). Just wanted to recomend your wonderful school to everyone and take the opportunity to ask people to contact me in case they're going to be there at the same time than me.
Cheers and see u soon!

From: Said
Posted: July 01, 2003
Country: Morocco  

in fact its a great school has been i saw its very great hope to be like this forever.
alwayse italy nice its a dream earth.

From: Marc
Posted: July 01, 2003

Just wanted to thank you guys for getting such an informative site. Excelent graphic photoshop designed and easy to navigate. Your site is indeed a wonderful and i bookmarked it. I have found some of the information here helpful. I have closed more time explained around me with the contents of your home page from each other now.
Unfortunately, there are little good sites. Your site is very good. Thank you for the opportunity to sign your guest book. I will recommend and come back. I found it very interesting to read other peoples comments about your site.

Marc dsl angebote dsl tarife dsl bestellen

From: Dawn Mattera Young
Posted: Juin 14, 2003
Country: USA  

To any it may concern:

I just returned to America after spending 6 weeks in Florence attending Scuola Leonardo da Vinci. I would like to give my comments about the school, the staff and activities.
Firstly, I was in Livello 5 (in May 2003) and the first half of Livello 6
(in June). For Livello 5, I had Gianni for grammar and Lucia for
conversation. In Livello 6, Simona was the instructor for grammar and
Gianni conducted the conversation lesson.
Lucia is kind, tactful and thoughtful. She handled the group well,
encouraging students to interact. She had interesting ideas for topics and brought in various articles and handouts to stimulate conversation.
Simona is so sweet---whenever someone would make a mistake, she had a gentle way of correcting him or her. Her enthusiasm is appreciated.
As you know, Livello 5 grammar covers (in my opinion) some challenging topics like il Congiuntivo and i Congiunzioni. These subjects are truly Gianni's strengths. He is very detailed, clear and concise in his teaching style. I like his matter-of-fact, direct personality. He is a very intelligent and cultured man, but certainly not a snob. His skills in the conversation lessons are also excellent. He knows how to facilitate (rather than dominate) a discussion. For me, Gianni's grammar classes were challenging, but not overwhelming. And, if I started to doubt my abilities, he was always encouraging and helpful.
You are probably not aware of Gianni's generosity towards his students. He would often give extra effort and time to help meet the needs and interests of his students.
I also participated in some extra activities like the excursion to San
Gimignano/Sienna and the afternoon trip to the vineyard in Chianti.
Monica's passion for Art is evident. She was wonderful as a guide.
Daniele did a great job as our escort to Chianti. His explanations were understood by even beginner-level students. Many of the others made similar comments about Monica and Daniele.
I also participated in the Cooking Classes (4 lessons). They were so much fun---the time flew by. Clarissa is energetic, enthusiastic and kind. Also, the secretarial staff at the school was always polite and very helpful.
As for my housing arrangements, I opted for the "family plan" for the 6 weeks. I stayed in the home of Mrs. Nada Albertazzi. Everything was wonderful. She is kind, thoughtful, and friendly yet not intrusive. Her home is beautiful, comfortable and exceptionally clean. It was a perfect arrangement for me.
My only suggestion for improvement is the hall that I was in for Livello 5. (I think it was number 23 or 24---it's the largest of the three along Via Bufalini, on the west end of the school.) It was difficult to hear due to the acoustics of the hall and the noise from the street. Perhaps something could be added to the walls to help absorb the sound.
Overall, my experience at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci was excellent. I would highly recommend the school to anyone interested in learning Italian.

Dawn Mattera Young

From: Allen Poma
Posted: Juin 04, 2003

Dear Sirs:

My name is Allen Poma and I was a student at your school during the month of April. I wanted to write and say how impressed I was with the school during my stay. I found everyone at the school to be very organized and interested in the student. The classes were wonderfully taught by enthusiastic teachers. One teacher that I feel needs special recognition is Sebastiano; he was my grammar teacher for two weeks and then my conversational instructor for two weeks. He is a remarkable instructor with an outstanding command of the Italian language and fluent in English, but most importantly, he is a very kind and concerned teacher.

I look forward to returning to your school for more lessons in the near
future and am certainly going to recommend Scuola Leonardo da Vinci - Rome to any one interested in learning Italian.

Thank you again for everything,
Allen Poma

From: Caroline Burr
Posted: April 13, 2003
Country: USA  

The website is excellent and has answered the questions that I have. I am planning to attend the school for four weeks in April of 2004. In addition to the language classes I want to take the Art History class. I am looking forward to having a wonderful experience.
Right now I am finishing one college year of Italian at the University of Colorado. I am a retired person.
I am planning to stay with a host family eating breakfast and dinner with the family. I have not yet taken "Test Your Italian." I will wait until I have finished my classes this year to take the test to see where I will probably be placed!

From: Tim
Posted: April 13, 2003
Country: USA  

Cool site, see you next April after I finish teaching here in South Korea!

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Italian Language School, learn Italian in Italy in Florence, Rome and Siena

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