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Italian Language School, learn Italian in Italy in Florence, Rome and Siena
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Italian Language School, learn Italian in Italy in Florence, Milan, Rome and Siena
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Student's Opinions about our Italian Language Schools and Courses















Student's Opinions about our Italian Language Schools and Courses















Student's Opinions about our Italian Language Schools and Courses


What a fantastic school!
I am writing this email in English so anyone considering taking a course in Italian with Scuola Leonardo (Rome school) this is the one to choose!
I spent literally hours searching the web and blogs for the right Italian school.  All big cities are full of language courses and schools and to find the right one is not so easy. 
In the end I selected Scuola Leonardo based on the initial reception I received from Tea and Cinza.  They were so helpful and accommodating which gave me a good feeling of what the school was about.
 I selected  an intensive 2 week course (group + 10) which consisted of group lessons in the morning and private lessons in the afternoon.
Right from the very start, the school was brilliant in helping me select the right course, for the right period of time I was in Rome.
I was tested on the first day and put in a level that was exact to my ability.
Laura was my teacher for group lessons.  She was simply marvelous,  punctual, prepared and perfect lesson planning, timed right down to the last minute of class, and as an ex teacher, this is exactly how lessons should be.  At all times, I feel completely comfortable and I never felt embarrassed or shy to speak in front of the class.  Laura made us all feel like a family, and encouraged us at all times to express ourselves and more importantly to SPEAK and not be concerned about errors, which is always a fear for a student learning a new language.   
My teacher for the afternoon was Alessandro.  For 1.5 hours, we just spoke about so many interesting topics and he improved and instructed me on so many areas of  grammar where it was needed.  A very relaxed, comfortable and a educational experience.
Since being in Rome for 2 weeks, my Italian has improved incredibly to the point that my business partners here in Rome were “gob smacked” that I had learnt so much in such short time!
Thank you to all at Scuola Leonardo and I will definitely be back soon.

Elizabeth Rosa
Managing Director
Campo Marzio Australia

Now a week after the end of my 12 week course, id like to finally thank you.
This whole almost-three month italian experience was absolutely perfect.
The food, the culture, the great family with lady Marcella :) and finally the teachers
I'm studying so i know how hard is to meet good,kind and calm teachers. You all were absolutely fabulous. As far as I can remember for the 12 weeks, I had Julia, Martina,Sonia,Sylvia and Serena and they were by far the best teachers i have ever met. And Izzy told me her teachers were awesome too :) I hope i will return to Siena, to this school one day. So once again thank you for everything......

Matej Rademacher, Czech Republic

When I want to brush up on my Italian, I book a language course at Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci.
I already went to this school in Milano for an intensive course, to the affiliated school in Viareggio for a standard course and now I planned to follow a course in Rome. What I like about the schools is the concept: decent lessons, a varied activity program and good accommodation for a reasonable price.
The school in Milan is located in a very nice area and the school facilities are great. I attended the full activity program, because that is how you meet other students while learning Italian and having fun. At that time my Italian was very poor, but with their professional approach I managed to get a sound basis of the language.
The school in Viareggio was also great, especially because I went there in the summer time. The location is perfect and you have easy access to the city centre, the beach and the train station. So, enough reasons to come back!

Ilona, The Netherlands

Cari Carla, Francesca, Fiore e tutti voi,

Grazie mille per le due settimane in cui ho avuto il piacere di imparare l’italiano da voi. Il corso è stato così intenso che tuttora ho sogni in italiano. Stasera comincio a prendere lezioni d’italiano nella scuola ceca.
Il mio soggiorno a Roma era troppo corto, ma bellissimo. Sono stato alloggiato proprio in centro, così ho dovuto attraversare tutta la città da sud a nord, due passi da Colosseo. E questo tutto senza la navigazione e senza problemi, eccetto uno: io non capivo quando qualcuno ha detto i numeri.
Spero che l‘anno prossimo farò progressi.

Carissimi saluti,

Pavel, Czech Republic

Gli insegnanti della Scuola Leonardo da Vinci non parlano solo l'italiano, vivono l'italiano

Michel, Germania

Buon pomeriggio a tutti....vorrei ringraziarvi per la vostra gentilezza,la vostra pazienza...Gli insegnanti e le persone che lavorano in ufficio sono molto gentili,cordiali....Voi siete molto simpatici.
Non dimentichero' mai il mio soggiorno a Firenze e alla scuola Leonardo Da Vinci!!!
La lingua italiana è come un profumo che mi accarezza e lentamente cresce in me.Sono vissuta tanti anni senza questa lingua ma adesso non posso più immaginare di non parlare o di non scrivere in italiano...Ho la testa piena di coniugazioni,congiuntivo e preposizioni ma veramente mi è piaciuto molto studiare qui.Grazie mille per tutto...e vi prometto di continuare a perfezionare il mio italiano.
L'Italia e Firenze sono nel mio cuore per sempre....un' emozione indimentacabile e incancellabile!
Vi auguro un bellissimo fine settimana. Spero che il tempo sia anche bellissimo e piacevole.
Tornero' a scuola nella settimana prossima per salutarvi.
Ciao ciao....

Corrina, France

I have just returned form an excellent 3 weeks at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci in Firenze and would like to build on what I have already learnt. (Christine is coming back on february for other 3 weeks in our school of Rome!)

Christine, England

I was been at your school Leonardo Da Vinci this summer in Florence...and it was great...my italian is now much better, and i hope that i will go and second summer in your school but this time in Rome...that will be great... Thank you...Bye...

Kim Matrljan, Croatia

Dear Scuola Leonardo da Vinci,
I just wanted to thank you for an incredible two weeks of study. I found the courses and instructors rigorous and highly professional, not to mention funny and engaging as well. A note of special thanks to Antonella, Lucia, Monica, and the lovely woman with blonde curly hair in reception (sorry I can't recall her name!). Everyone demonstrated a great deal of enthusiasm, preparation and organization, and it was most appreciated. I will highly recommend the School to my friends and colleagues.

With sincere thanks,

David Savage New York, NY

Dear Scuola Leonardo,
I'll be glad if You publish my opinion ["Why Scuola Leonardo? Because it's the best! I studied there last year and I had a wonderful time, along with making a great progress in my italian"] on Your website! The statement that I made is perfectly true, so it'd be wonderful if You could publish it signed with my name - I always tell my friends that it's the best school of Italian language they can choose, and now it's my chance to prove it even on Your website!
I'm really, really happy to be coming to Florence this year again, and to go to school there again. After two weeks in Florence I'm going to continue my study for the next four weeks in Scuola Leonardo in Rome, I'm sure I'll be even more content with this than I was last year!
Thank you a lot for the email about my comment, and once more I ensure You that it's exactly what I think and tell people about the Scuola!
Best regards,

Marta Kostyk, Kracow, Poland

"Dear Director, as you will see from the enclosed school certificate, our daughter has not only made the best exam in Italian of the whole class but she has also been awarded with the school annual "prix d'excellence". During her short stay at your school she has been able to improve her language skills from absolute beginner to the level required by her new school. Not only, she even got an excellent result. Once again, many thanks to you and your staff! Viva la Scuola Leonardo da Vinci!"

University Professor, Lausanne, Switzerland

"Excellent. My host family spoke no English. However they were kind, congenial, and attempted to make my stay a pleasant one."

Teacher High School, Springfield, MA - USA

"I enjoyed the enthusiasm that both the instructors and students showed. The 'extracurricular' activities arranged by the school were very worthwhile."

Retired, Saint Paul, MN - USA

"The thing I enjoyed most was the language knowledge I gained that allowed me to relate to local people and develop lasting relationships."

Inside Sales Representative, Addison, IL - USA

"Everything was timely, accurate and complete."

Educator, Salisbury, MD - USA

"Our experience with individuals whose culture, language and the way of life different from our own was outstanding. Also the opportunity to see our heritage in art and appreciation of history of America's background settlers was overwhelming. Teachers were very good - content & quality excellent - facilities just fine. "

Retired, Lilydale, MN - USA

"I enjoyed the perfect combination of schooling/learning and free time, vacation. The curriculum of the school was excellently structured, facilitating a rapid learning of the Italian language. My family stay was most conducive to my rapidly picking-up the language. The teachers I had were very good - very much professionals. It was very good to have a grammar lecture followed by a conversation period. The family stay allowed me to live my 2 weeks in Florence as a 'real' Italian. This was probably the highlight of my stay, and was the primary reason I picked up the language as rapidly as I did. It has enriched me personally and has made me more of an 'expanded' person. I hope to return to the same school for additional schooling. This is a testament to my very strong positive feelings about the program. "

Teacher, Addison, IL - USA

"As usual it has been a pleasure to read the evaluations of the students that attended your schools. Since several years they are among the very best reports we receive from any school in the world we work with."

Language Travel Agent, Northern Europe

"The school staff did many extra things to acquaint us with local activities. I highly recommend the school. I certainly enjoyed the food. "

Student, Lilydale, MN - USA

"We had excellent value. Very pleased."

Retired, Educator, MD - USA

"I am in a better position to advise my students on study abroad programs."

High School Counselor, Springfield, MA - USA

"The instructors were excellent and approached the students in a good natured positive way. They showed considerable imagination in developing and presenting their material, especially in conversation class."

Retired (former Architect), Saint Paul, MN - USA

"The conversation portion of the class was most interesting in that we discussed current social and cultural aspects of the 'Italian way of life'!"

Inside Sales Representative, Addison, IL - USA

"I liked the people at the school, learned a lot, and also enjoyed family dinners with our hostess and other students."

Educator, Salisbury, MD - USA

"The homestay was probably one of the most valuable and enjoyable of all my experiences." (Florence)

"It was interesting being one of the few Americans enrolled. I had the opportunity to meet and become close friends with people from all over the world." (Rome)

Student, Hollis Hills, NY - USA

"Our experience at the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci was a very growing one for my wife and I... The school was excellent and the staff was extremely professional."

Real Estate, Boise, ID - USA

"I feel that my experience at the Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci has significantly improved my level of communicating in Italian, and I now feel much more 'marketable'!"

English Teacher, New York, NY - USA

"Alessandra was a great teacher with a sense of humor - very important. I liked playing games, interviewing other students, and role-playing."

Student Political Sciences, Split (Croatia)

"The tour of the Duomo given by Cinzia was outstanding. She took time to explain a lot, and made the visit fun. Everybody I met at the school was positive and always tried to be helpful."

Banker, Dordrecht (Holland)

"There are classes on so many different levels that each student can be placed in a class on the right level. Everything is so well organized. We are so warmly welcomed! Perfetto!!"

Electrical Engineering, Pittsburgh, PA - USA

"The teachers were outstanding. Lessons with a lot of variety (video, songs, newspaper articles etc) a good balance grammar / oral work."

Legal Secretary, London (U.K.)

"I found positive the way the teacher encouraged and paid attention to the needs of the whole group. There was a convivial atmosphere where old and young and different nationalities mix well. Thank you all for your patience, kindness and understanding."

Nurse, Oak Park, IL - USA

"Anything is great. The secretaries were the best. Keep up the great work. The staff is so friendly - thank you!"

Tour guide, San Francisco, CA - USA

"I liked that the intensive instructor allowed me to learn what I wanted and offered suggestions where I might improve."

Student, Fukuoka City, Japan

"The teachers have a very good pedagogic method. The fellow students extremely pleasant. The atmosphere in the class very friendly."

Seminarian Roman Catholic, Glendale NY - USA

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