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  1. Written By Valentina Consoli The year 1994 is remembered by many: Rome welcomes its first proud Pride! One of the most colorful, courageous, passionate and international celebrations in the world. On July 2, 1994, Mario Mieli's Circle of Homosexual Culture took to the streets the first Italian "Gay Pride" parade. Thus, like other European and American cities, Rome waves rainbow flags. Moving them is pride, the desire not to hide, unity and the desire to "Make Noise." "Noise" is a reference to the song by Raffaella Carrà, an icon for the LGBT community, admired worldwide for her energy, courage and […]

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  2. Milan, a city rich in history, culture and style, is also a unique film set that has served as the backdrop for countless stories on the big screen. Thanks to Veronica and Roberto's suggestion in our "Italian on air" podcast, we can take an exciting tour through the streets of the metropolis, where some of the most memorable scenes in film history were filmed.  1. Quadrilatero del Silenzio: Cronaca di un Amore We begin our film tour from the Quadrilatero del Silenzio, specifically from Via Melegari. Here, in the evocative Palazzo Fidia, in 1950, Michelangelo Antonioni created 'Cronaca di un […]

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  3. Did you know that in Turin there is a stuffed Indian elephant? Its name is Fritz and it is the celebrity of the newly reopened Museum of Natural Sciences. The live animal was donated in 1827 to Carlo Felice of Savoy by none other than the Viceroy of Egypt Mohamed Ali. The elephant, which travelled by sea from Alexandria in Egypt to the port of Genoa, walked to Turin and was housed in the former stable of the Stupinigi Hunting Lodge. A pool with a slide was also built for him in the courtyard of the Lodge. Of course, Fritz […]

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  4. Saturday, 4 May saw the beginning of the 107th edition of the Giro d'Italia, the most important Italian cycling competition and one of the most eagerly followed in the world. For the next three weeks, the cyclists taking part will compete along a route covering 21 stages, for a total of 3,400 km, with a single goal: to be awarded the famous pink jersey, reserved for the rider who leads the overall competition. Although football is the most popular sport in our country, cycling still retains a leading role and, with it, so does the Giro d'Italia. An example of […]

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  5. Turin could not be called the Baroque capital if Guarino Guarini, sent by the father general of the Theatines to supervise the renovation of the church of San Lorenzo had not arrived there in 1666. After barely 17 years, he had overturned the severe architectural lines of the Savoy capital, scattering pearls of wonder. Born four hundred years ago in Modena, more precisely on 17 January 1624, Guarino Guarini was an architect, theologian, mathematician, philosophy and astronomy scholar. He had the opportunity to train in Rome with Francesco Borromini, observing the construction sites of San Carlino alle Quattro Fontane, the […]

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