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  1. Our teachers are professionally trained, certified in teaching Italian to foreigners, and boast a long time coaching international students. Would you like to have an insight into our courses? Watching our videos and subscribing to our YouTube channel: Scuola Leonardo da Vinci you can find out how the lessons take place and also what our students think of us! Many students have chosen our courses and their satisfaction always gratifies us. The enthusiasm and professionalism with which our teachers carry out the lessons conquer everyone and are the same in all our courses. As Will, who took an online course, says: […]

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  2. At the Leonardo da Vinci school, based in Florence, Milan, Rome, Turin and Viareggio, Italian language courses are offered following the same calendar and at the same prices. An offer that guarantees an extraordinary opportunity: 'taking a walk' from one location to another.Yes, to walk, as in ancient times, when the Greek philosopher Aristotle had given birth to a peripatetic school, from the verb περιπατέω "to walk": to learn while walking. The "Italian Tour" course is a study program around Italy that can be carried out in 2, 3, 4, 5 weeks to learn the Italian language and deepen its […]

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  3. Have you ever wondered why Italian athletes in international competitions wear blue uniforms and are called "Azzurri"? The origin of this custom dates back to 1911, when the Italian national football team faced Hungary in Milan. Since then, "maglia azzurra" indicates the international appearance of the Italian teams.The history of this color has a much more noble tradition in our country. There is a color called "Savoia blue": an intermediate chromatic gradation between peacock blue and periwinkle. It owes its name to the fact that it is the color of the Savoy family, the dynasty that reigned in Italy from […]

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  4. Siamo molto felici ed emozionati nel raccontarvi la storia di Alaa, uno dei nostri studenti venuto da molto lontano con un sogno nel cuore: trasmettere emozioni con il suo violino.Così si racconta:  “Sono nato in una città nel sud della Siria di nome Swayda in una famiglia dove l'arte ha sempre giocato un ruolo molto importante. Avevo solo otto anni quando ho preso in mano il mio primo violino e ho continuato a studiare musica al Conservatorio di Beirut.Io, mio fratello Haian e le mie due sorelle, Marwa e Kinda, siamo sempre stati incoraggiati dai nostri genitori a seguire le nostre […]

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  5. On the occasion of the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s death the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci of Florence joins the numerous celebrations all around the world by offering a new course dedicated to him:"A week with Dante Alighieri. Walks and readings with Monica Gentili and Carla Falciani". A programme which combines Italian language and culture, with the figure of Dante Alighieri at the centre. Our teacher Carla will accompany students every day in learning the Italian language with special regard to the influence that the work of the Supreme Poet had on the birth of our beautiful Italian language. However, […]

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