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  1. Italy is one of the main destinations to study art. If you are passionate about art and your dream is to study and find a job in the artistic / cultural field, studying in Italy, a country that has the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, will help you make your dream come true. Can you imagine the thrill of seeing in real life a work of art that you had only seen in a textbook or on a screen? If you are considering where to study art, fashion or design, Italy is the ideal choice. There are many […]

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  2. This year the Giro d'Italia starts from Turin and the Scuola Leonardo group, combining the ideals of learning and living in a world without borders, sets off on a bicycle with Wolfango to arrive in Serbia to build an elementary school. The 104th edition of the Giro d'Italia takes place from 8 to 31 May. This year celebrates the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the pink jersey. To celebrate the 160th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, the largest national cycling event will start from Turin on 8 May and some stages will be in Piedmont. The arrival will […]

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  3. May is a perfect month for news! We are excited to announce that we are expanding, on the occasion of the restart with the on-site courses starting from May you can choose between 5 destinations. In addition to our schools in Florence, Milan and Rome now you can choose to study also in Turin and Viareggio! After a rough year, we start again with the enthusiasm that has always distinguished us. We look forward to seeing you at school in total security, following a rigorous anti-Covid19 prevention protocol. Florence, Milan, Rome, Turin and Viareggio await you from May for face-to-face […]

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  4. Why in Italy is the day of liberation celebrated on April 25?April 25 is the day on which every year in Italy the feast of the Liberation from Nazi-Fascism is celebrated, which took place in 1945. Of course, the German and Fascist occupation in Italy did not end in a single day but is considered to be April 25 as a symbolic date, because that day in 1945 coincided with the beginning of the retreat by the soldiers after the population had rebelled and the partisans had organized a coordinated plan to take back the cities. What happened on April […]

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  5. Viareggio is an elegant seaside location, famous for its Art Déco buildings and the widest sandy beaches of Versilia. Viareggio is also a perfect starting point for field trips to Pisa, Lucca, Cinque Terre and Florence. The wide, endless beaches, the excellent cuisine and the incredible panorama of the nearby Alps -all contribute to make Viareggio a favorite holiday resort.A visit to Viareggio means meeting Italians and enjoying the seafood specialties of Tuscany. Summer in VIAREGGIO is synonymous with fun and relaxation. Do you want to relax? You can stay on the beach or take long walks along the promenade.Do […]

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