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  1. Raffaella Carrà, an undisputed icon beloved by both old and new generations, left an indelible mark on Italian popular culture with her energy, rebellious spirit, and multifaceted talent. Born in Bologna on June 18, 1943, Raffaella Carrà began her acting career before becoming the most beloved showgirl in the Italian entertainment scene. Beyond her success on television, Raffaella became an international style and music icon of the 1990s. Her songs blended Italian and Spanish cultures, and with hits like "Pedro" and "Fiesta," she captured the essence of both cultures, creating infectious melodies that made entire generations dance and continue to […]

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  2. Should you happen to be in Turin, and fancy a nice, breaded T-bone veal steak, you must find a traditional restaurant and order a grissinopoli. Yes, that’s right, in Turin we do not eat a Milanese cutlet but a grissinopoli. The Savoy-city version of the traditional breaded cutlet has been given this name because it is breaded with a substantial layer of crumbled breadsticks, grissini.  It is undoubtedly a main course for hearty eaters: in fact, this very thickly cut steak, made from the meat of a very young calf, is first coated in beaten egg and then fried in […]

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  3. Are you looking for an immersive experience to learn Italian while enjoying the charm of Italy's beautiful coast? Look no further! Scuola Leonardo da Vinci in Viareggio offers various courses tailored to your needs, combining the best of language learning with rich cultural experiences. Nestled near the sea, our school provides an ideal setting for both study and leisure. A Variety of Language and Culture Courses At our school, we believe that language learning goes hand in hand with cultural immersion. We offer a range of courses from beginner to advanced levels, each designed to help you grasp the Italian […]

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  4. Written by our teacher Valentina Consoli The year 1994 is remembered by many: Rome welcomes its first proud Pride! One of the most colorful, courageous, passionate and international celebrations in the world. On July 2, 1994, Mario Mieli's Circle of Homosexual Culture took to the streets the first Italian "Gay Pride" parade. Thus, like other European and American cities, Rome waves rainbow flags. Moving them is pride, the desire not to hide, unity and the desire to "Make Noise." "Noise" is a reference to the song by Raffaella Carrà, an icon for the LGBT community, admired worldwide for her energy, […]

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  5. Milan, a city rich in history, culture and style, is also a unique film set that has served as the backdrop for countless stories on the big screen. Thanks to Veronica and Roberto's suggestion in our "Italian on air" podcast, we can take an exciting tour through the streets of the metropolis, where some of the most memorable scenes in film history were filmed.  1. Quadrilatero del Silenzio: Cronaca di un Amore We begin our film tour from the Quadrilatero del Silenzio, specifically from Via Melegari. Here, in the evocative Palazzo Fidia, in 1950, Michelangelo Antonioni created 'Cronaca di un […]

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