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Preparation courses for the AIL Italian language exam

Corso di preparazione per l'esame di lingua italiana AIL


Starting dates: one month before exam dates
Duration: 4 weeks
Lessons: 6 per day, 30 per week
Level: Beginners A1, Intermediate B2 and Advanced C1
Participants: max. 12
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All of the Leonardo da Vinci locations are recognized as Exam centers of the Accademia Italiana di Lingua (AIL) and all organize preparation courses for the 'Firenze' exams of the Accademia.

Different types of courses are offered according to the exam level which the student is taking.

The preparation program for the AIL exams combines our intensive Italian language course (4 Italian lessons a day, a total of 20 lessons a week) with a collection of 2 extra group lessons a day. These two extra lessons deal with specific preparation for the exam through exercises from practice exams, in class practices and exercises done with a partner, marked by the teacher.

Upon request, we can send you an entrance test which will confirm your level of knowledge of the Italian language and will establish the time needed for you to prepare for exams: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Special preparation courses always start one month before exam dates and last for a minimum of 4 weeks. This can be extended.

Lessons take place Monday-Friday in classes of no more than 12 students.
Text books and materials used for practices are provided by the school and are included in the price of the course. The price of the course also includes the exam fee.

RECOMMENDED FOR: those students want their language skills recognized both in professional and academic fields. The study is aimed at reaching a precisely set goal, which is, not only your personal satisfaction, but mostly a linguistic knowledge that has reached its full, hands-on applicability.

"Firenze" Diplomas and Ability levels of the Accademia Italiana di Lingua:

ExamLevelWhen you can take the examAbility level according to the elp* assessment scale
*) Levels established according to the valuation scale of the European Language Portfoilo (elp) and according to the valuation scale of Schneider and North (s/n).

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DELI - A2 Basic "Firenze" Italian language Diploma - AIL: basic level. End of the 1st level, 4 exam sessions a year A1/A2 - s/n: N3)*
DILI - B1 Intermediate "Firenze" Italian language Diploma - AIL: intermediate level. End of 3rd level; 3 months of preparation for beginners; 4 exam sessions a year B1 - s/n: N6)*
DILC - B1 Intermediate "Firenze" Commercial Italian language Diploma  - AIL: intermediate level. End of 3rd level, 3 months of preparation for beginners; 4 exam sessions a year B1 - s/n: N6
DILI - B2 Intermediate "Firenze" Italian as a foreign language Diploma  - AIL. End of 4th level; 4 months of preparation for beginners; 4 exam sessions a year B2 - s/n: N8)*;
DALI - C1 Advanced "Firenze" Italian language Diploma   - AIL : advanced level I. End of 6th level, 6 months of preparation for beginners; 4 exam sessions a year B2/C1 - s/n: N9)*
DALC - C1 "Firenze" Commercial Italian language Diploma - AIL Commercial Italian : advanced level End of 6th level, 6 months of preparation for beginners, including the Business course; 4 exam sessions a year B2/C1- s/n: N9)*
DALI - C2 Advanced "Firenze" Italian language Diploma  - AIL : Advanced level II End of 6th level, 8 months of preparation for beginners; 4 exam sessions a year C2 - s/n: N10)*


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Read about the experiences of our students!

The experience of Gurgen Kasparyan

Gurgen Kasparyan - Corso di preparazione all'esame AIL a Milano

  • + Name: Gurgen Kasparyan
  • + Country: Russia
  • + Course: Preparatory course for AIL exams

My experience with the course Preparatory course for AIL Italian language exams in Milan:

"The preparation for the AIL Dili B1 exam has been very productive. My teacher was Alessandra, she did everything very, very slowly and everything was very clear. I have known many new things in Italian that helped me during the exam. After 3-4 weeks of preparation I was absolutely ready for the exam and I passed it without any big problems."

The experience of Olga Potashenkova

Olga Potashenkova - Corso di preparazione all'esame AIL a Roma

  • + Name: Olga Potashenkova
  • + Country: Russia
  • + Course: AIL Exam preparation course

My experience with AIL Italian language Exam preparation course in Rome:

"The preparation course was very useful because it allowed me to become familiar with the structure and the difficulty of the tests. In this way, although an examination is always a source of stress, I am able to deal with it with much serenity."

Read about all the experiences of our students.

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