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Scuola Leonardo da Vinci ®

Italian school in Florence

Italian language school in Florence

Florence, the pearl of the Italian Renaissance, where you can breathe art and culture in every corner.

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Italian school in Milan

Italian language school in Milan

Milan is a modern city.
The Italian capital of fashion and design.

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Italian school in Rome

Italian language school in Rome

Rome, the Eternal City, filled with ancient and modern charm. The theater of the “Dolce Vita”.

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Italian school in Siena

Italian language school in Siena

Siena sits right in the heart of Tuscany, rich of art and tradition, world-famous for its food and wines.

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MILANO - EXPO 2015 Feeding the planet ... and your passion for Italy!

Logo EXPO MilanoEXPO 2015 will finally land in Milan in a few months. Scuola Leonardo da Vinci® is more than ready for the big event! This year, 130 countries will explore the concept of nutrition with the aim of educating the visitors about food and the precious resources of our planet.

So why Milan?
This is the second time our city is chosen to host the exhibition, after the first time in 1906. Milan is not only a key destination for those arriving in Italy for business and pleasure, but it is also strategically located to reach our beautiful mountains and lakes, historical cities and explore the rich cultural heritage of the ‘northern capital city’ of Italy. Milan boasts many of the most important attractions and tourists sites which draw millions of visitors to our country every year, such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, La Scala theatre and the Sforzesco Castle. Our city is also a business center and the world capital of fashion and design. Its multicultural nature allows 191 different foreign communities to live together and enrich the cultural landscape of the most cosmopolitan city of Italy. Milan will be the voice of our country to represent one of the aspects, for which our ‘Bel Paese’ is best appreciated: FOOD!

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci® in Milan, your gateway to EXPO 2015!
Scuola Leonardo da Vinci® in Milan was founded in 2004 following the historical presence of Scuola Leonardo da Vinci® in Florence, Rome and Siena. Since then, many students have decided to first hand experience Italy in the world capital of fashion and design. 2014 has meant a lot to us! The celebrations of our 10th birthday with a thematic calendar of events and activities dedicated to Italy have paved for our preparations for the beginning EXPO. To continue presenting the traditions of our country and our beautiful city, we wish to offer a very tempting program to explore the theme of the EXPO 2015 through Italian cuisine and to improve the knowledge of the Italian language and culture.


Special offers by Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Milan

  • Expo Special Edition Program “Green, White and Red: the Mediterranean diet through colors”.

  • 5 SPECIAL EXPO 2015 events organized every month from May to October 2015, including exhibitions, workshops, meetings, parties, and more. * Opportunity to win unique prizes by participating in our contests.

  • A WELCOME GIFT for all our students enrolled from May to October 2015: ‘Italian in the Kitchen’ glossary.

    ☛ For our senior students: «La Dolce Vita» course, Expo edition: 10% discount for all 2015 enrollments.
    ☛ For the Design fans: «Experience the Design» course, Expo edition: 10% discount for all 2015 enrollments.
    ☛ For the Fashion lovers: Course for Fashion Shows, Expo edition: 10% discount for all 2015 enrollments.

30 Years Anniversary Scuola Leonardo Rome

Celebrate 30th years anniversary Scuola Leonardo RomeHappy birthday Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Rome!!

Our Italian language school in Rome was founded in 1984.... 30 years spent to teach Italian to millions of people. We feel lively and full of energy like the first day!

Read more about it...

Critical Studies on Food in Italy

Academic Program under the patronage of Expo 2015Academic Program in Rome.

The Critical Studies on Food in Italy summer program in Rome, designed and led by Gustolab Institute and Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Rome, has been given the patronage of the Expo Milano 2015 as an Academic Institution with an educational project coherent with the Expo Theme “Feeding The Planet, Energy For Life”, contributing to the future generations of the Expo 2015 legacy. Read more about it.

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