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Internet & Wifi

In Italy it is possible to find free and available wifi networks, particularly in the most important cities. Here we provide you with some information regarding the Internet connections that you can find at school, in the accommodation that we provide and in the cities where Leonardo da Vinci schools are located.

internet-point-firenzeFLORENCE SCHOOL

  • Internet at school

    Students can access the school wifi network in all of the classrooms, in the cafeteria and in the reception, with their mobile or tablet devices.
    The school also has an Internet point with 6 computer places, for students to use to access the internet. Opening hours: 8.30 - 17.30

  • Internet in an apartment or with a family

    An internet connection is available in some families and apartments. The owner of the house can decide to provide you with an internet connection, asking for an extra payment for this service.
    Many residences, bed and breakfasts and hotels offer this service free of charge to their clients.

  • Internet in the city
    In città si possono trovare vari internet point  e locali che offrono internet, alcuni gratuitamente.
    La città è servita da WIFI in tutto il centro a cui è possibile accedere registrandosi sul sito del Comune di Firenze.

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internet-point-milanoMILAN SCHOOL

  • Internet at school
    The school has a classroom with computers available for anyone that does not have their own laptop/device. Anyone who wants to use the wireless connection can ask for the password at the reception.

  • Internet in an apartment or with a family
    An internet connection is available in the majority of apartments and most accommodation with a family.

  • Internet in the city

    Many different places in Milan offer Internet service and in the city centre, it is common to find Wi-Fi hotspots. You can ask for more information at our offices.


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I nostri internet point, all'interno delle scuole Leonardo da VinciROME SCHOOL

  • Internet at school
    A free Wi-Fi connection is available for students in all of the rooms of the school (also the cafeteria). If you do not have a PC, tablet or smartphone, the school also provides computers for the use of students.

  • Internet in an apartment or with a family
    Most apartments have a Wi-Fi connection.

  • Internet in the city

    ome is already a digital city. Dive into history and surf the Internet from places including the Imperial Forum, the Colosseum, Piazza Navona and the Trevi Fountain. The Wi-Fi network of the Province and District of Rome provides easy Wi-Fi access, free of charge, in nearly all public areas, from historical piazzas to city parks.
    Also, you can surf the internet whilst moving around the city - Wi-Fi is available on the metro and on most buses.
    Nearly all of the restaurants and bars in the centre have Internet connections

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Internet point convenzionato con la nostra scuola di SienaSIENA SCHOOL

  • Internet at school

    Students can access the wifi network of the school from every classroom and from the terrace.
    At the front desk there are also two PCs for the use of students.

  • Internet in an apartment or with a family
    Internet connection is available in most accommodation.

  • Internet in the city
    The library near to the school offers access to the Internet both via wi-fi and fixed computer places. 
In addition, in the city there are numerous hot spots, both free and with a charge. You can ask for more information at the school.


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