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Italian language school "Scuola Leonardo da Vinci ®"

Learn Italian in Florence, Milan, Rome and Siena
Officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci ®

Italian language school in Florence

The Leonardo da Vinci school is located in an historical palazzo, situated in the heart of the city of Florence, with a magnificent view of the Cathedral. From here you can reach the most beautiful and famous places in the city in only few minutes walk.

Our school in Florence occupies an entire building of 3 floors and with 15 spacious and light classrooms. The first floor is dedicated to recreational activities, where you can read the paper, have a coffee with your friends and do your homework. On the first floor there are the classrooms, the secretary and the multimedia classroom with free internet service.

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More information about our Italian language school in Florence:

Our guarantees

  • We respond to your questions and enrollments within 24 hours during the working week.
  • A maximum of 14 students per group for all group language courses.
  • You can always extend your course, during your stay, without extra administrative costs.
  • We guarantee that all students that have studied for 3 consecutive months (12 weeks) in our school will be able to pass the intermediate DILI exam from the Accademia Italiana di Lingua. They will also be able to take the advanced DALI exam after 6 months of consecutive study.
  • Our school respects safety standards and access for disabled people.
  • Our school can provide medical and dental assistance from doctors that speak English.
  • Students are insured against any incident that occurs in school, during activities organized by the school, and during the journey to arrive at school.


Services for students

  • The secretary of the school is at the service of the students for any information. Students can speak with the secretary as many times as they wish.
  • On the first day of the course, you will receive a student card from the Leonardo da Vinci school which gives you discounts in different restaurants, clubs, cybercafes, sport shops etc.
  • We offer a transport service from the airport or the station to your accommodation. You need to only inform us a week before your arrival date, of the time and place that you will need to be met at (and the flight or train number)
  • Medical assistance in case of illness.
  • Common rooms where you can meet up with your friends
  • Free access to the Internet.
  • Public telephone and sending of emails
  • Free receiving of faxes and emails. Faxes can also be sent from the school, with a small charge.


Why us? Why the Leonardo da Vinci school in Florence?

  • Founded in 1977, we have years of experience and specialise in teaching Italian in Italy
  • School located in the city center
  • Officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education
  • Our Italian School in Florence has obtained the International quality assurance Certificate ISO 9001:2008, as a quality school of Italian language for foreigners, and has regular inspections to ensure that high standards are maintained.
  • Officially recognized by the department of Education of Tuscany Region.
  • Free access to the internet for all of the students.
  • Equipped for handicapped students.
  • Kind staff who are willing to help any student.
  • Professional and young teachers all of whom have studied at the University level and who have been specially trained in teaching Italian to foreigners
  • Italian at every level, all year round
  • Small study groups
  • After 1, 3 or 6 months the AIL-exam "Firenze" (Accademia Italiana di Lingua) DELI A2/DILI B1/DILC B1/DILI B2/DALI C1/DALC C1 can be taken.
  • A whole range of activities offered for students to gain insight into the Italian culture
  • Many students, coming from over 50 different countries, study at the Leonardo da Vinci school.


Member of Educative Associations

  • AIL - Italian Academy of Language (Diplomi «Firenze»)
  • ASILS - Association of schools of Italian as a foreign language
  • ELITE - European Federation of Associations for Teaching Mother Tongues
  • FIYTO - Federation of International Youth Travel Organisations
  • ALTO - Association of Language Travel Organisations


Recognised certificates

  • Diploma "Firenze" DELI A2 - AIL (elementary)
  • Diploma "Firenze" DILI B1 - AIL (intermediate)
  • Diploma "Firenze" DILC B1 - AIL (commercial intermediate)
  • Diploma "Firenze" DILI B2 - AIL (intermediate)
  • Diploma "Firenze" DALI C1 - AIL (advanced)
  • Diploma "Firenze" DALC C1 - AIL (commercial advanced)


Recognitions / Study Grants / Credits

  • Officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education.
  • Recognised from CSN Lund (Swedish National Student Assistance Board) for study grants. School accredited by CSN, where Swedish students can study with state funded loans..
  • Riconosciuto da 8 Stati Federali Tedeschi per il "Bildungsurlaub".
  • Recognised from 8 German Federal States for "Bildungsurlaub".
  • Recognised from many US Universities for Academic credits. The Scuola Leonardo da Vinci school in Florence is recognized
    by the following US Universities (with undergraduate credits):
    • California State University, Sacramento
    • Camino College
    • University of Colorado at Denver
    • Glendale Community College
    • Los Angeles Community College District
    • City College of San Francisco
    • San Francisco State University
    • Tahoe Community College
    • State University of New York at New Paltz
    • Our school collaborate with the Edgewood College (Madison, WI) and the Santa Barbara City College, whereby students registering with us may receive credits at those colleges. Since Edgewood College and Santa Barbara City College are higher educational institutions fully accredited in the United States, these credits will normally be transferable to most American colleges and universities.


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Officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education.
Address: Via Bufalini 3  IT - 50122, Florence, Italy
Telephone: (+39) 055-261.181 - Fax: (+39) 055-294.820
: learnitalianflorence - Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Map: Google Map - Contact: click here

Passionate about art, fashion or design?

The Leonardo da Vinci schools offer the possibility to study Italian language and, at the same time, discover Italian traditions, such as art, fashion and design. In particular, our schools in Florence and Milan have studied a special offer. For more information visit: art courses in Italy.

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The school provides you with all the necessary information online, but upon request we can send you our brochure. Please fill in our request information form and prepare your study travel to learn Italian language in Italy.

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