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Among its services, Scuola Leonardo da Vinci offers its students the free service of finding and booking accommodation. Since this is a very important factor for their stay, Scuola Leonardo da Vinci in Florence pays much attention towards the care and research of housing for its students. The students can choose from a variety of accommodation options including:


These are apartments where students of Scuola Leonardo da Vinci live together sharing common spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom. Students can choose whether to stay alone in a single room or share a space with another student in a double room. If a student wishes to come to Florence together with a partner who does not attend the course, we may provide the opportunity to book a double room together. The apartments offered by Scuola Leonardo da Vinci in Florence are located in the city centre or in a residential area of Florence (maximum travel time of 30 minutes by public transport to and from the school).


"La Mamma Italiana!"For those who want to immerse themselves in the Italian language and culture, the kind of accommodation and experience recommended is definitely the “Family”. Most of the families that host our students have collaborated with Scuola Leonardo da Vinci in Florence for many years and for this they have a lot of experience in welcoming students from all parts of the world. Students may choose from two options: either half board (breakfast and dinner included) or breakfast only (in the second option students are not allowed to use the kitchen). The families are usually found near the school or in residential areas of the city with a maximum travel time of 30 minutes by public transport to and from the school. This type of accommodation requires some flexibility and adaptability to different habits however, it is definitely recommended for learning the language, customs and Italian manners. Our families are carefully selected and are eager to make their guests feel right at home.


Upon request, the school can send Agency contacts to whom you can write asking for availability, pictures and special prices!


Scuola Leonardo da Vinci is working with several hotels, B&BS and Residences in Florence which provide discounted prices to customers of the school. For students who wish to attend an Italian language course and stay in this type of accommodation, the school offers the booking service at special prices.


Availability and Payment- Accommodations booked through Scuola Leonardo da Vinci are usually available from 14:00 (2:00 pm) on the Sunday before the course until 10:00 (10:00am) on the Saturday after the last day of school. Payment must be made directly in Florence within the first three days of arrival.

Address Check- The address, description and price of the confirmed housing is usually sent 10 days before the course starts. The hour of arrival must be communicated directly to the school at least 3-4 days prior to students’ arrival in Florence as well as any changes or requests. Changes or requests should be confirmed in writing. If students do not confirm, in advance, their hour of arrival, the accommodation will be available after 18:00.

Keys and Deposit - The apartment keys will be handed to the student upon their arrival. That student will use their apartment keys for their entire stay and will be fully responsible for their keys. A deposit of €100 must be paid on the first day of school and will be returned at end of the students’ stay if no damage to the interior is found.

Cleaning and Laundry - Upon arrival your room will be cleaned and provided with bed linen, and the common spaces (bathroom and kitchen) will be cleaned. During your stay you will be responsible for the cleaning of your room and, together with your roommates, of the common areas. You must bring your own towels. The washing machine is not available in the shared apartments and in the family homestays: on your first day of school you will receive information on nearby launderettes (either close to the school and/or to your accommodation).


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