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Duration: 1 or 2 weeks
Levels: advanced (6)
Participants: min.5, max. 14 per class
Attendance certificate: at the end of the course students will receive an attendance certificate
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When Italian is not just a passion, but also your profession, linguistic preparation is no longer enough and you want to achieve excellence in your job: perfecting teaching techniques, examining in depth the different ways of learning languages and keeping continuously up to date with developments in the teaching of Italian as a foreign or second language.

The Leonardo da Vinci school is recognized as an exam centre for the DITALS exam. This preparation course is accredited by the University of Siena and provides the necessary requirements, to take the first level DITALS exam and the teaching training, to take the second level DITALS exam.

The training course is held 3 times a year in our Florence, Rome and Milan locations, according to the following program: teaching Italian as a foreign language (theory and practice), phonetics course, DITALS preparation, exercises and in class observations.

This course for teachers can be enjoyed in our schools in Florence, Milan and Rome:


RECOMMENDED FOR: those who want to turn their passion for the Italian language into a job, or those who are already professional teachers and want to keep updated, develop new ideas and study new techniques to always keep up with the times.


Erasmus Plus is the new EU programme for education, training, youth and sport and replaces current funding programmes run by the European Commission.

Individuals may not apply for fundings anymore. Under the new programme, applications will need to come from an organisation rather than an individual. Schools can apply for staff mobility funding to support the professional development of teachers, school leaders and other school education staff.

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Read about the experiences of our students!

The experience of Sara Brzuszkiewicz


  • + Name: Sara Brzuszkiewicz
  • + Country: Italy
  • + Course: DITALS preparation course

My experience with the DITALS preparation course in Milan:

"I attended the preparation course for the Ditals exam in January 2012 and I still recommend it to anyone who asks me what is the best way to get really prepared for the examination. The content transmitted by the trainers and the material provided were clear, efficient  and stimulating, they were structured so as to include all the crucial points of the discipline that is the italian teaching of L2/LS. The course also has the irreplaceable value of having Italian teachers as trainers who take in classroom direct evidence of fieldwork in contact with students, their transmitting the passion for teaching, providing straight and describing contexts varied in a perspective that only a great experience and a well-rounded preparation can offer."

The experience of Francesco Schiavon

Francesco Schiavon - corso di formazione completa per insegnanti di italiano come L2/LS a Milano

  • + Name: Francesco Schiavon
  • + Country: Italy
  • + Course: Preparation Course for Italian-Language Teachers L2/LS

My experience with the course Preparation Course for Italian-Language Teachers L2/LS in Milan:

"Here I met teachers and trainers or, if you prefer, qualified and experienced professionals with an elastic skills open to exchange with others to improve their knowledge, consolidated over time. But this is the "knowledge ", professionalism that I was expecting. The reason why I'm happy to have been in Milan, the reason why I felt the course too short, though challenging, is the enthusiasm of those who stood in front of me in class every day. My advice for those who have doubts is to make a decision like the guys who are here to learn Italian: close out the doubts from your head, open your suitcase, fill it and get in the game. In my opinion, you rarely regret it"

The experience of Paola Borghesi

Paola Borghesi - corso (per insegnanti) di preparazione all'esame DITALS a Milano

  • + Name: Paola Borghesi
  • + Country: Italy
  • + Course: DITALS Exam preparation course

My experience with the DITALS Exam preparation course for Teachers of Italian language, in Milan:

"I passed the DITALS 1 exam in February 2012. I contacted Leonardo da Vinci school a couple of months before from Barcelona, where I live, to ask questions. The staff was quick and very professional in answering and clarifying all my doubts. The day of the exam I arrived in Milan and I found the school without any problems thanks to the information that I received. In the classroom there was enough space so all the examinees could sit in a comfortable chair with a special desk to write. Before starting the examination, the structure of the several tests and the available time at our disposal were clearly explained. The results were sent to me by email as soon as the school received the results from Siena and the diploma was sent me by mail at home. My impression of the school is very positive, I found the structure right and staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and organized"

Read about all the experiences of our students.

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