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Officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci ®

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci, founded in 1991, offers a wide and varied range of courses that aim to satisfy the most diverse requirements. The main objective of the course is to make sure that students are able to communicate effectively and to feel at home in Italy as soon as possible. All Italian language courses and culture courses are taught by graduate teachers and native speakers of Italian.

Italian Language Courses: the intensive course, a small group of maximum 10 people, allows students to participate actively in lessons conducted by experienced and qualified teachers. The duration of the courses varies: one week, for those who do not have much time but still want to dive into the Italian lifestyle, to the long-term courses, for those who wish to deepen their knowledge and stay in Italy while taking advantage of special discounts. In addition to this, the super intensive courses also provide daily lessons for those who want to personalize their experience.

Special Courses: these include: scholastic programs for university teachers and students, for high school students who are traveling in groups; individual courses that meet specific needs and interests of study; professional courses to learn and improve language in a specific area of ​​interest; preparation courses for Italian language certifications offered by the University of Siena and Perugia and the Academy of Italian Language in Florence.

Italian Language and Culture: the courses in this section are characterized by programs that go further into detail about the cultural aspects of Italy: the course ‘Italy Today’ to learn about the socio-politics that have been decisive in shaping contemporary Italy; the ‘Art History’ course to better appreciate the immense Italian artistic heritage; the ongoing course ‘La Dolce Vita’ to enjoy the pleasures and rhythms of an all-Italian life-style in Siena with the desire to discover the traditions and secrets of good cooking.

We guarantee a maximum of 12 students per class in order to optimize the quality of the courses. For more information please visit our website:




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Intensive Italian Language course min. 1 4 per day
20 per week
Reduced price intensive course min. 5  4 per day
20 per week
One week courses 1 see details
Intensive course plus 5 or plus 10 min. 1 4 per day / 20 per week in group plus 5 or 10 private lessons per week
Tour of Italy: a tour of Italy whilst learning Italian min. 2 4 per day
20 per week
La Dolce Vita 1 o 2 20 + visits & excursions
Italy Today language and culture course 2 o 4 50 in 2 weeks
«Firenze» Diploma - Preparation course for Exams 4 6 per day
30 per week
Private lessons and Individual Italian language courses min. 1 from 3 to 8 per day
from 15 to 40 per week
Professional courses min. 2 see details
Sabbatical Year 48 960 in 48 weeks
Siena with gusto 1 20 plus visits, cooking lessons & wine tasting in the afternoon
History of Art course min. 2 12 in 2 weeks
Italian cooking course vedi dettagli see details
Italian wines course vedi dettagli see details

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Siena with Gusto!

This course offers the study of the Italian language along with the discovery of the local cuisine and gourmet products of Siena. The program activities are conducted by native speakers and experts whose passion, knowledge and dedication will make every unforgettable lesson special.

See also: Siena with gusto, starting dates, prices, ask for information


Officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education.
Address: Via del Paradiso, 16 IT - 53100, Siena, Italia
Telephone: (+39) 0577-249097 - Fax: (+39) 057.724.9096
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Map: Google Map - Contact: click here


To learn more about the city of Siena, read about its history, discover what to visit and what to do , we suggest you, a tourist guide to Siena, entirely online. Here you will find many information about Siena and its surroundings.


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