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Italian Universities of Bari, Milan, Pavia, Rome La Sapienza, Rome Tor Vergata, Seconda Università of Naples, Turin, Padua and Bologna are now offering undergraduate Medicine and Surgery courses taught in English.
In order to access these academic programs, applicants have to pass IMAT, International Medical Admissions Test, the official Entry test developed by Italian Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MIUR) in cooperation with Cambridge Assessment’s Admissions Testing Service.
Scuola Leonardo da Vinci organizes a specific University Preparation Corse for IMAT in Milan and Rome, aiming to provide a scientific and logical critical skills basis to all foreign students willing to attempt IMAT in order to enter an Italian Medicine Faculty.

IMAT Test date in Italy: on September 2020
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Download our IMAT preparation course in Milan brochure
Download our IMAT preparation course in Rome brochure


Duration: 3 weeks - Lessons: 105 (60 minutes each)
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Minimum number of students per group: 5
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Section 1: Logical Reasoning and General Culture - 50 lessons;

This section will asses the thinking skills that students must possess if they are to success in a course of study at the highest level. The Imat Preparation Course aims therefore to let the student practice with a series of questions focusing on how to solve novel problems, consider arguments put forward to justify a conclusion, or to promote or defend a particular point of view.
In particular, the Critical Thinking deals with summarising and drawing conclusions, identifying assumptions, assessing the impact of additional evidence and detecting reasoning errors. This area of study involves reasoning using everyday written language.
As for Problem Solving area, students will practice with questions related to numerical and spatial skills. Exercise will be of three kinds: relevant selection, in which the task is to select only that information which is necessary in finding a solution, finding procedures, that is to say finding the method which you can use to generate a solution, and finally identifying similarity, where it is required to identify the same information presented in a different way.

Section 2: Science-based sections (Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Math) 55 lessons.

The science based section focuses on those questions covering Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematic. Students will deal both with theory and practice, as in section 1 by practising on multiple-choice questions.
As for biology main areas will be: the chemistry of living things, the cell as the basis of life, bioenergetics, reproduction and inheritance, inheritance and environment, anatomy and physiology of animals and humans.
As for Chemistry: the constitution of matter, the structure of the atom, the periodic table of elements, the chemical bond, fundamentals of inorganic chemistry, chemical reactions and stoichiometry, solutions, oxidation and reduction, acids and bases, fundamentals of organic chemistry.
As for Physics: measures, kinematics, dynamics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, electrostatics and electrodynamics. And finally for Mathematics: algebra and numerical sets, functions, geometry, probability and statistics.

Download our IMAT preparation course in Milan brochure
Download our IMAT preparation course in Rome brochure

Read our article with the FAQ about the IMAT test in Italy


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