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Scuola Leonardo da Vinci ®

During the years (from 1977!) we received many comments from our students. Some of them (just a little part) were copied into our old website. We would like to mention all the people who wrote us and thanks them for their love, as it's not possible we want to copy here some of the reviews they wrote about their experience.

What a fantastic school!
I am writing this email in English so anyone considering taking a course in Italian with Scuola Leonardo (Rome school) this is the one to choose!
I spent literally hours searching the web and blogs for the right Italian school.  All big cities are full of language courses and schools and to find the right one is not so easy.
In the end I selected Scuola Leonardo based on the initial reception I received from Tea and Cinza.  They were so helpful and accommodating which gave me a good feeling of what the school was about.
 I selected  an intensive 2 week course (group + 10) which consisted of group lessons in the morning and private lessons in the afternoon.
Right from the very start, the school was brilliant in helping me select the right course, for the right period of time I was in Rome.
I was tested on the first day and put in a level that was exact to my ability.
Laura was my teacher for group lessons.  She was simply marvelous,  punctual, prepared and perfect lesson planning, timed right down to the last minute of class, and as an ex teacher, this is exactly how lessons should be.  At all times, I feel completely comfortable and I never felt embarrassed or shy to speak in front of the class.  Laura made us all feel like a family, and encouraged us at all times to express ourselves and more importantly to SPEAK and not be concerned about errors, which is always a fear for a student learning a new language.   
My teacher for the afternoon was Alessandro.  For 1.5 hours, we just spoke about so many interesting topics and he improved and instructed me on so many areas of  grammar where it was needed.  A very relaxed, comfortable and a educational experience.
Since being in Rome for 2 weeks, my Italian has improved incredibly to the point that my business partners here in Rome were “gob smacked” that I had learnt so much in such short time!
Thank you to all at Scuola Leonardo and I will definitely be back soon.

Elizabeth Rosa
Managing Director
Campo Marzio Australia

Now a week after the end of my 12 week course, id like to finally thank you.
This whole almost-three month italian experience was absolutely perfect.
The food, the culture, the great family with lady Marcella :) and finally the teachers
I'm studying so i know how hard is to meet good,kind and calm teachers. You all were absolutely fabulous. As far as I can remember for the 12 weeks, I had Julia, Martina,Sonia,Sylvia and Serena and they were by far the best teachers i have ever met. And Izzy told me her teachers were awesome too :) I hope i will return to Siena, to this school one day. So once again thank you for everything......

Matej Rademacher, Czech Republic

When I want to brush up on my Italian, I book a language course at Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci.
I already went to this school in Milano for an intensive course, to the affiliated school in Viareggio for a standard course and now I planned to follow a course in Rome. What I like about the schools is the concept: decent lessons, a varied activity program and good accommodation for a reasonable price.
The school in Milan is located in a very nice area and the school facilities are great. I attended the full activity program, because that is how you meet other students while learning Italian and having fun. At that time my Italian was very poor, but with their professional approach I managed to get a sound basis of the language.
The school in Viareggio was also great, especially because I went there in the summer time. The location is perfect and you have easy access to the city centre, the beach and the train station. So, enough reasons to come back!

Ilona, The Netherlands

Cari Carla, Francesca, Fiore e tutti voi,

Grazie mille per le due settimane in cui ho avuto il piacere di imparare l’italiano da voi. Il corso è stato così intenso che tuttora ho sogni in italiano. Stasera comincio a prendere lezioni d’italiano nella scuola ceca.
Il mio soggiorno a Roma era troppo corto, ma bellissimo. Sono stato alloggiato proprio in centro, così ho dovuto attraversare tutta la città da sud a nord, due passi da Colosseo. E questo tutto senza la navigazione e senza problemi, eccetto uno: io non capivo quando qualcuno ha detto i numeri.
Spero che l‘anno prossimo farò progressi.

Carissimi saluti,

Pavel, Czech Republic

Gli insegnanti della Scuola Leonardo da Vinci non parlano solo l'italiano, vivono l'italiano

Michel, Germania

Buon pomeriggio a tutti....vorrei ringraziarvi per la vostra gentilezza,la vostra pazienza...Gli insegnanti e le persone che lavorano in ufficio sono molto gentili,cordiali....Voi siete molto simpatici.
Non dimentichero' mai il mio soggiorno a Firenze e alla scuola Leonardo Da Vinci!!!
La lingua italiana è come un profumo che mi accarezza e lentamente cresce in me.Sono vissuta tanti anni senza questa lingua ma adesso non posso più immaginare di non parlare o di non scrivere in italiano...Ho la testa piena di coniugazioni,congiuntivo e preposizioni ma veramente mi è piaciuto molto studiare qui.Grazie mille per tutto...e vi prometto di continuare a perfezionare il mio italiano.
L'Italia e Firenze sono nel mio cuore per sempre....un' emozione indimentacabile e incancellabile!
Vi auguro un bellissimo fine settimana. Spero che il tempo sia anche bellissimo e piacevole.
Tornero' a scuola nella settimana prossima per salutarvi.
Ciao ciao....

Corrina, France

I have just returned form an excellent 3 weeks at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci in Firenze and would like to build on what I have already learnt. (Christine is coming back on february for other 3 weeks in our school of Rome!)

Christine, England

I was been at your school Leonardo Da Vinci this summer in Florence...and it was italian is now much better, and i hope that i will go and second summer in your school but this time in Rome...that will be great... Thank you...Bye...

Kim Matrljan, Croatia

Dear Scuola Leonardo da Vinci,
I just wanted to thank you for an incredible two weeks of study. I found the courses and instructors rigorous and highly professional, not to mention funny and engaging as well. A note of special thanks to Antonella, Lucia, Monica, and the lovely woman with blonde curly hair in reception (sorry I can't recall her name!). Everyone demonstrated a great deal of enthusiasm, preparation and organization, and it was most appreciated. I will highly recommend the School to my friends and colleagues.

With sincere thanks,

David Savage New York, NY

Dear Scuola Leonardo,
I'll be glad if You publish my opinion ["Why Scuola Leonardo? Because it's the best! I studied there last year and I had a wonderful time, along with making a great progress in my italian"] on Your website! The statement that I made is perfectly true, so it'd be wonderful if You could publish it signed with my name - I always tell my friends that it's the best school of Italian language they can choose, and now it's my chance to prove it even on Your website!
I'm really, really happy to be coming to Florence this year again, and to go to school there again. After two weeks in Florence I'm going to continue my study for the next four weeks in Scuola Leonardo in Rome, I'm sure I'll be even more content with this than I was last year!
Thank you a lot for the email about my comment, and once more I ensure You that it's exactly what I think and tell people about the Scuola!
Best regards,

Marta Kostyk, Kracow, Poland

"Dear Director, as you will see from the enclosed school certificate, our daughter has not only made the best exam in Italian of the whole class but she has also been awarded with the school annual "prix d'excellence". During her short stay at your school she has been able to improve her language skills from absolute beginner to the level required by her new school. Not only, she even got an excellent result. Once again, many thanks to you and your staff! Viva la Scuola Leonardo da Vinci!"

University Professor, Lausanne, Switzerland

"Excellent. My host family spoke no English. However they were kind, congenial, and attempted to make my stay a pleasant one."

Teacher High School, Springfield, MA - USA

"I enjoyed the enthusiasm that both the instructors and students showed. The 'extracurricular' activities arranged by the school were very worthwhile."

Retired, Saint Paul, MN - USA

"The thing I enjoyed most was the language knowledge I gained that allowed me to relate to local people and develop lasting relationships."

Inside Sales Representative, Addison, IL - USA

"Everything was timely, accurate and complete."

Educator, Salisbury, MD - USA

"Our experience with individuals whose culture, language and the way of life different from our own was outstanding. Also the opportunity to see our heritage in art and appreciation of history of America's background settlers was overwhelming. Teachers were very good - content & quality excellent - facilities just fine. "

Retired, Lilydale, MN - USA

"I enjoyed the perfect combination of schooling/learning and free time, vacation. The curriculum of the school was excellently structured, facilitating a rapid learning of the Italian language. My family stay was most conducive to my rapidly picking-up the language. The teachers I had were very good - very much professionals. It was very good to have a grammar lecture followed by a conversation period. The family stay allowed me to live my 2 weeks in Florence as a 'real' Italian. This was probably the highlight of my stay, and was the primary reason I picked up the language as rapidly as I did. It has enriched me personally and has made me more of an 'expanded' person. I hope to return to the same school for additional schooling. This is a testament to my very strong positive feelings about the program. "

Teacher, Addison, IL - USA

"As usual it has been a pleasure to read the evaluations of the students that attended your schools. Since several years they are among the very best reports we receive from any school in the world we work with."

Language Travel Agent, Northern Europe

"The school staff did many extra things to acquaint us with local activities. I highly recommend the school. I certainly enjoyed the food. "

Student, Lilydale, MN - USA

"We had excellent value. Very pleased."

Retired, Educator, MD - USA

"I am in a better position to advise my students on study abroad programs."

High School Counselor, Springfield, MA - USA

"The instructors were excellent and approached the students in a good natured positive way. They showed considerable imagination in developing and presenting their material, especially in conversation class."

Retired (former Architect), Saint Paul, MN - USA

"The conversation portion of the class was most interesting in that we discussed current social and cultural aspects of the 'Italian way of life'!"

Inside Sales Representative, Addison, IL - USA

"I liked the people at the school, learned a lot, and also enjoyed family dinners with our hostess and other students."

Educator, Salisbury, MD - USA

"The homestay was probably one of the most valuable and enjoyable of all my experiences." (Florence)

"It was interesting being one of the few Americans enrolled. I had the opportunity to meet and become close friends with people from all over the world." (Rome)

Student, Hollis Hills, NY - USA

"Our experience at the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci was a very growing one for my wife and I... The school was excellent and the staff was extremely professional."

Real Estate, Boise, ID - USA

"I feel that my experience at the Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci has significantly improved my level of communicating in Italian, and I now feel much more 'marketable'!"

English Teacher, New York, NY - USA

"Alessandra was a great teacher with a sense of humor - very important. I liked playing games, interviewing other students, and role-playing."

Student Political Sciences, Split (Croatia)

"The tour of the Duomo given by Cinzia was outstanding. She took time to explain a lot, and made the visit fun. Everybody I met at the school was positive and always tried to be helpful."

Banker, Dordrecht (Holland)

"There are classes on so many different levels that each student can be placed in a class on the right level. Everything is so well organized. We are so warmly welcomed! Perfetto!!"

Electrical Engineering, Pittsburgh, PA - USA

"The teachers were outstanding. Lessons with a lot of variety (video, songs, newspaper articles etc) a good balance grammar / oral work."

Legal Secretary, London (U.K.)

"I found positive the way the teacher encouraged and paid attention to the needs of the whole group. There was a convivial atmosphere where old and young and different nationalities mix well. Thank you all for your patience, kindness and understanding."

Nurse, Oak Park, IL - USA

"Anything is great. The secretaries were the best. Keep up the great work. The staff is so friendly - thank you!"

Tour guide, San Francisco, CA - USA

"I liked that the intensive instructor allowed me to learn what I wanted and offered suggestions where I might improve."

Student, Fukuoka City, Japan

"The teachers have a very good pedagogic method. The fellow students extremely pleasant. The atmosphere in the class very friendly."

Seminarian Roman Catholic, Glendale NY - USA


From: Irmgard     
Posted: December 14, 1999
Country: GERMANY     
I enjoyed the stay in Florence very much. My knowledge of the language has very much improved and I hope to return to Florence sometime

From: Ashley     
Posted: December 14, 1999
Country: USA     
this is a good site but i needed FUNNY stuff about Leonardo da Vinci.Like an anadote! Well thanks much!

From: ?     
Posted: November 27, 1999
Country: USA     
I think this is a really great way to learn Italian.

From: David    
Posted: November 19, 1999
Country: USA     
I was extremely impressed with the school's extensive website. In fact, the day I viewed it I emailed the school. As promised on the site, I had received a personal response the following morning upon arriving at work. I was also pleasantly surprised by the reasonable costs. I am considering enrolling in late March or early April 00. Addio, David - Pensacola, Florida, USA

From: dmmendoz     
Posted: November 10, 1999
Country: MEXICO     
Talking about Italy in any sense, it comes to your mind the wonders that you can find over there....but you can't never realize how wonderful it could be until the moment that you have the chance to visit this beautiful country!...

From: Manuele
Posted: November 05, 1999
Country: SWITZERLAND     
Ciao a tutti Son stato a Firenze con "i ferrovieri terribili della svizzera" all' ottobre 1999! Ho un "tip" importante a tutti i studenti: Andate allo "Shot Caf�" e al "full up"... Tanti salutti Per la classa della Ferrovia Federale Svizzera. Manuele

From: Tom     
Posted: October 27, 1999
Country: USA     
I'm Tom! Nice to meet you! I visited the school in Roma and Firenze in 1996. I hope to attend summer 2000. Laguna Beach, California is great, but if I could, I'd live in Italy for an indefinite period of time because of the people, the beauty, the universal attention to asthetics, the food and the language! Any advice???

From: Vala     
Posted: October 19, 1999
Country: ICELAND     
Your website is very impressing, I must say. Thorough and informative. I lost my heart to Italy (Florence in particular) two years ago, so now I'm taking the first small steps in the beautiful italian language in my home country. The big dream is to come to Italy next spring to continue this wonderful experience. Thank you. Vala.

From: Silvia     
Posted: October 13, 1999
Country: SWITZERLAND     
Non ho mai visitato una delle vostre scuole, ma è una mia intenzione futuristica. Giudicando dal vostro sito internet siete una scuola seria e molto invitante a chiunque voglia imparare l'italiano. Spero di visitarvi un giorno e di poter affermare tutto ciò. Vi auguro tanto successo con la scuola.

From: Suzy    
Posted: Sept. 30, 1999
Country: CROATIA     
We are fans from Croatia! Please send our Greetings to Nataly Krizan,the prettyest Lady in Italia!

From: June    
Posted: Sept. 21, 1999
Country: JAPAN     
Hello. I am from Tokyo, Japan I am planning to go to Italy in Jan. 2000. wow. I am very excited about it but now.... I am working on new language. I am going alone so If anyone is planning to go in Jan. 2000, I would be gland to know someone before I get to school, so write me back !!

From: Reto    
Posted: Sept. 10, 1999
Country: SWITZERLAND     
Hi guys! I'll be there in the year 2000. All informations i need - i get form this website. Good job! See you in April...

From: Liliana      
Posted: Sept. 8, 1999
Country: CHINA     
I really enjoy learning Italian, but I do have a problem. The problem is: I still can't figure out how to pronounce the letter 'R' in Italian. I know that most Asian people have the same problem, but I also know that some Chinese can speak perfect Italian. Please help me. I will visit my friend in Rome at the end of this month and I will visit your school as well. Hope when I leave Rome, I can say'Arrivederci'. See you soon.

From: Elizabeth    
Posted: Sept. 7, 1999
Country: USA     
The school and my time spent in Rome was the best experience of all my travels. I fell in love with Italy and the language and I felt that the instruction was both thorough and entertaining. I am planning on returning annualy to continue at the school and to enjoy the city.

From: Malin    
Posted: Sept. 1, 1999
Country: SWEDEN     
Ciao! I'm a 19 years old girl. I'm from Sweden. I love Italy and Italy boys. Do you? Write to me! Arividerci Malin

Posted: August 31, 1999
Country: BRAZIL     
Yours is a really cool site and I enjoyed the tests. Do you offer courses online for those who can't go to Italy? Il suo sito e meraviglioso ma vorrei sapere si loro danno corsi d'italiano online. Posso leggere bene in italiano ma vorrei perfezionare la lingua scritta. La cosa che mi noia di piu c'e l'enorme quantita di lettere doppie in italiano. Perche esistono tante? Gia in spagnuolo e portoghese, hanno avuto un convegno ortografico (quello del '43) che ha eliminato le lettere doppie.

From: JInturrisi     
Posted: August 27, 1999
Country: USA     
This seems like a great language school. I would appreciate if anyone with feedback can e-mail me. I am planning on attending this school in September 1999.

From: K.Sernesi     
Posted: August 18, 1999
Country: USA     
Your website is excellent. Very well put together. The only problem I had was, I could not take the language TEST. It must be in java. or some language webtv does not pick up. My husband and I are planning on studing the italian language in Sept of 2000 for one month in Florence.We will be interested in school and home stay while we are there. Thank you, K.Sernesi

Posted: August 18, 1999
Country: MEXICO     
Esta escuela es la mejor de todas ensenando idiomas y todo, esta super waw!! estudiamos como un mes y esta de hiper bolas!! se las recomiendo!!!! Entonces si van a perder su tiempo, mejor estudien en la escuela, ok? bye besos a todos, ja!! EDER

From: Reham     
Posted: August 18, 1999
Country: EGYPT     
Well, Ii think this site is very good , and actually I was very glad to find it . I want to study art history in italy and sure I have to speak italian very well and I saw a brochure of the school before but I wanted to know more information about it. so this site provided me with the all information that I needed , so thankx for helping me. Reham Okasha.

Posted: August 11, 1999
Country: CANADA     
If i were a few years older, and perhaps a few pennies richer, i would travel to your italian cities, it would make a lovely picture. Im sure it would be a memorable stay, with new experiences every day, but as i am a child and all i know is play.

From: Sail4Isa    
Posted: August 5, 1999
Country: USA     
I would like to travel to Sienna someday, hopefully I will. When I get my pilots license. I will fly there myself if I have to.

Posted: July 31, 1999
From the 4th of july until 30 july. It was really great. We did a lot of nice things with the school. We went to Siena, Pisa and the Beach. I can say only one things, if you want to have a good time go there.

From:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     
Posted: July 16, 1999
Country: USA     
I'm in the process of deciding whether or not to go to Florence to attend your school. I first heard about it from literature sent from the extensive Foreign Language Department at SUNY New Paltz where I had once spent a two-week immersion course in Italian and was pleased with it. They recommended your school. Today I was surfing the web and by chance was happy to have found your Website. It is well designed and gives a great deal of info in helping prospective students make decisions about your programs. Having studied French in several immersion programs in France, I can say that this site provides more important information than any of the others I've seen. One thing though, the site is so good that I've come close to deciding to go to Florence, but now I'm having to decide between two weeks or four weeks. See what you've done?

Posted: July 7, 1999
Country: SWEDEN     
Ciao Italia, This website is very interesting and really good. You have made me reconsider my vacation. I�m now thinking if I should call you tomorrow and see if there is a chance to enter the courses in such a short notice. A lot of good and clear information! Good Luck with your school and I hope to visit you!!

From: Lisa     
Posted: July 7, 1999
Country: USA     
This is a very intresting website! I love the italian culture and this has helped me understand it better. I plan on visiting Italy someday and this is helpes me out alot. Thank you

From: Lily     
Posted: June 29, 1999
Country: FRANCE     
I can't wait! I plan to visit the school this summer and I'm really excited. As far as the website goes - it's very colourful, informative and easy to use. I'll add my comments about the school itself when I get back, but I'm sure they'll be very enthusiastic!

From: Alexander    
Posted: June 22, 1999
Country: GERMANY     
Questa e' un messagio per i studenti della scuola leonardo a Roma. mi chiamo Alexander Wagner e' ho fatto mio corso nell'estate 98, dopo il pranzo, la pausa verso 12.00 ho sempre portato un caffè a Gabriela Bl'si. c'è qualcuno que mi fa un favore e' portarla un caffè al posto mio, con poco zucchero e' saluti di Alexander.Grazie e ciao.

From: Zeljana     
Posted: June 17, 1999
Country: CROATIA     
Penso che sia una pagina molto utile agli stranieri. Adesso potro chiedere tutte le informazioni che voglio. Complimenti.

From: Patricia     
Posted: June 17, 1999
Country: MEXICO     
Well I think that Scuola Leonardo da Vinci is a very good school and you have a homepage very complete and full of all the information I need, because in the future I will be going to Rome to Your school as soon as I graduate from the University. Im very excited aboud going again to Rome and learning in such a competitive school, Also i think your locations are GREAT! Sincerely Patricia Reyes.

From: danielgarcea     
Posted: June 9, 1999
I'm very very interested about your school and your courses.Thinking you're a very good school!

From: Eva     
Posted: June 4, 1999
Ciao, mi chiamo Eva e sona stata a Roma nella Scuola Leonardo da Vinci per tre mesi l'anno scorso.Con piacere guardavo la pagina nuova www a finalmente posso guardare test gramatico. Tanti saluti per tutti gli studenti della scuola e tanti baci per tutti insegnanti !!!

From: eb22    
Posted: June 4, 1999
I have received your address from my friend... He told me that the school of Leonardo da Vinci is one of the best schools in Italy... I had studied your language the Itailan Cultural Centre in Istanbul...

From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     
Posted: June 4, 1999
Hello! Congratulations! I like the new web site a lot. It is much better than the old one. Well done! The information is good and very easy to find the information that I want to know. Keep up the good work and update more often! I will visit it again! Ciliegia(^_^)

From: jackwie
Posted: June 3, 1999
Ciao, sono uno studente di scienze della comunicazione sociale all'università salesiana di Roma. L'anno scorso per due mesi le insegnanti della vostra scuola mi hanno aiutato a fare i primi passi nella lingua italiana, poi da ottobre potevo cominciare a studiare. impossibile? Purtroppo si, ma bisogna solo volerlo. In questo modo vorrei salutare la scuolaleonardo, tutte le mie sette insegnanti, e anche i miei amici che studiavano con me. Certo che non conosco bene l'taliano ancora, e percio' chiedo di corregere i miei errori, innanzituto gli articoli.....saluti, ciao, www mi piace molto.


From: A Journalist of
"Miami Herald: Internet Edition"     
Posted: June 25, 2000
Country: USA     

I spent May studying Italian at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci in Rome. They were very helpful and provided me with all the information I needed. To my surprise, not only did they have language courses, but Italian culture, diction, art, cooking and wine appreciation.
I had courses in grammar, conversation and culture. My classroom was filled with students from all parts of the world, including Switzerland, Germany, France, Russia, Sweden, Puerto Rico and England.
My teachers in general were very organized, though the classes were all in italian. Their belief was that if you're there to learn a language, the best way is by speaking it - all the time.
The environment in the classes was good. Everyone wanted to learn and we enjoyed the discussions, our teachers and each other.

From: Vesna     
Posted: April 19, 2000
Country: YUGOSLAVIA     
I find your web site very interesting. I have been looking for a possibility to study Italian language in Italy and you have provided me with useful information, both about the courses and prices. Unfortunately I am not able to apply now, but I hope I'll be able to do it some time in the future. I really like your country and culture and plan to learn your language. Thank you Vesna, Belgrade, YU

From: Jordan    
Posted: April 14, 2000
Country: CANADA     
im 12 years old and im obsessed with leonardo da vinci i thought your site was awsome!!!

From: Sammy Allen
Posted: April 11, 2000
Country: USA     
This site was a really great site to get information for my speeck about Italy! i will visit Italy soon and look at all of the great picture that are great to see.

From: Gertrude     
Posted: April 10, 2000
Excellent site! I especially liked the "Test your Italian" part! It kept me busy for hours, since my computer is kind of slow.....

From: Timothy L. Fogle
Posted: April 10, 2000
Country: USA     
I have wanted to learn the Italian language for years. I was searching for dirrent places and found your website. Excellent design very impressive. The idea of studying the Italian language in Italy is very exciting.

From: Hitomi Matono     
Posted: April 4, 2000
Country: USA     
This is a wonderful site!! I would very much like to come to Italy and study the language!! Please send me your brochures. I'm interested in studying in Tuscany. Hitomi Matono PO Box 74, Cheney, WA 99004-0074 USA Thank you!!

From: Vita     
Posted: March 24, 2000
Country: LATVIA     
Ciao tutti! Ho frequentato il corso di lingua e cultura italiana a Roma nel 1999. Sono completamente soddisfatta e consiglio a tutti di visitare Italia. Voglio ringraziare e salutare i miei insegnanti di grammatica e conversazione Alex e Liliana.

From: Mark M Seager
Posted: March 24, 2000
Country: ENGLAND     
The information on your Web Site was very easy to follow and concise.I will definately be looking to use your company.

From: Michael Nicastro
Posted: March 10, 2000
Country: AUSTRALIA     
Well if anyone reads this can you please email me if you go to a School in Italy for I am doing a project on the past and present of Italy life.Any help would be very helpful.Thanks Michael. P.S I think your website is very colourful and well presented.
From: Barbara Suen     
Posted: March 1, 2000
Country: UK     

From: Ayse Aldemir
Posted: February 11, 2000
Country: TURKEY     
ciao, sono ero a firenze nel estate di 1998 e frequentavo alla scuola Leonardo da Vinci a firenze. tutto era bene, non ho potuto dimenticare di firenze e anche la scuola. vivevo con signora carla benucci e lei era molta buona. Io invitio tutti a firenze e anche alla scuola Leonardo da Vinci...Grazie per tutto. ciao e anche mi manchano quelli indirizzi dei miei amici, se e possibile vorrei chiderli alla secretario di scuola. grazie

From: Deniz
Posted: February 3, 2000
Country: TURKEY     
I was in Florance last September and studied Italian at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci for 2 weeks. It was raelly a great experience for me. I loved Florance. My teachers were very friendly. (Thanks to Lucia and Antonella) I planning to go again this year, but maybe this time I can go to Rome or Siena. It is not easy to decide, I am sure both of them are very beautiful.

From: LISA MARIE     
Posted: January 18, 2000
Country: USA     
I am from new York and hope to visit Sicily soon.

Posted: January 9, 2000
Country: USA     
Siena must be the most beautiful place on earth! Not only is it visually stimulating, but the people are so friendly and inviting. If it weren't for two gentlemen, Jacopo and Luigi, my friend and I would not have visited a private vineyard (specializing in Brunello di Montalcino), a monastary, Montalcino, Pane Forte and so much more. Thank you Siena...I'll see you this year again for Carnevale. CIAO!


From: Michelle Coe     
Posted: February 10, 2001
Country: ENGLAND     

Dear Director,
I had the pleasure of attending an intensive science course at your school last year, in the summer of 2000. Not only was the experience most enyoable, but indisputably beneficial. Much was learnt and many new friendship formed. It was both an educational and cultural insight and I'm pleased to now inform you that Oxford University has made me a conditional offer to study Biological Sciences at Hertford College, in the year commencing October 2001. Many thanks again especially to my teachers whose dedication was most appreciated. I am sure that my class mates share my gratitude, although I can only vouch for the handful, with which I am still in contact. I would most warmly recommend this school to other students with a sincere interest in learning.


Michelle Coe

From: Kikuyo Tanaka
Posted: Jan 11, 2001
Country: JAPAN     

I'm interested in learning Italian at your school. I'd like to register course which starts at March 4th. Do you have any space?
And I don't know how to register, how to send money.
Can you send me e-mail?


From: Michael
Posted: November 24, 2002
Country: GERMANY     

Just surfed in with google and i see that you have a site with very much informations about language course!

From: Riccardo Giunco     
Posted: Jun 11, 2002
Country: ITALY     
Bel sito, davvero. Keep up the good work!

From: Eva Deakne Palkovics
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     
Posted: May 13, 2002
Country: HUNGARY     
Complimenti per questo sito interessante!
Sono docente d'italiano (in Ungheria), ho consultato parecchi siti e test di scuole d'italiano in rete. Finora c il vostro sito che mi piace di piu. Prima di tutto il vostro test sulla conoscenza dell'italiano! E' divertente, spiritoso, utile... tra i diversi esercizi preferisco la lettera di Leonardo. Ho alcuni discenti ungheresi che, per poter "immergersi" in questa bellissima lingua e cultura, progettano di frequentare un corso (o corsi) in Italia...

Senza dubbio, gli consigliern la Vostra scuola.

From: Branwen Gwyn
Posted: May 12, 2002
Country: WALES     
Hi - is anyone going to the school in Rome this summer? I'll be going for two weeks from 12th to 24th August, and I was just wondering whether anyone else out there is too! Please e-mail me if you are, because I would be very pleased to hear from you!


From: Mila Gorini
Posted: August 08, 2003
Country: UK     
A wonderful inspiriation... keep it up.

From: Peter
Posted: August 08, 2003
Country: UK     
Ich war letztes Jahr in Rom für 5 Wochen und das war eine unvergesslich schöne Zeit.
Studenten von überall, bellissima Roma, Kunst, Kultur, Pasta nie basta... einfach traumhaft!
Ich wollte vor allem meine beiden Lehrer grüssen und ihnen danken, für die Mühe und die Geduld, die sie mit uns hatten. Denn nicht jeder ist sprachbegabt (ich gehöre zu denen).
Das sind: Signor Marco Zappaterreno und Cristiano ? (Aussehen, wie Antonio Banderas).

Grazie di cuore per tutto!
Grazie Roma!
Und... ich habe eine Münze in die Fontana di Trevi geworfen...
somit ist meine Rückkehr nach Roma gesichert!!!

Saluti da Zurigo

From: Victoria
Posted: July 10, 2003
Country: Spain     
Hi all, this is going to be my second time
with u (I will be there for the next 2 weeks starting on the 14th). Just wanted to recomend your wonderful school to everyone and take the opportunity to ask people to contact me in case they're going to be there at the same time than me.
Cheers and see u soon!

From: Said
Posted: July 01, 2003
Country: Morocco     
in fact its a great school has been i saw its very great hope to be like this forever.
alwayse italy nice its a dream earth.

From: Marc
Posted: July 01, 2003
Just wanted to thank you guys for getting such an informative site. Excelent graphic photoshop designed and easy to navigate. Your site is indeed a wonderful and i bookmarked it. I have found some of the information here helpful. I have closed more time explained around me with the contents of your home page from each other now.
Unfortunately, there are little good sites. Your site is very good. Thank you for the opportunity to sign your guest book. I will recommend and come back. I found it very interesting to read other peoples comments about your site.

Marc dsl angebote dsl tarife dsl bestellen

From: Dawn Mattera Young
Posted: Juin 14, 2003
Country: USA     

To any it may concern:

I just returned to America after spending 6 weeks in Florence attending Scuola Leonardo da Vinci. I would like to give my comments about the school, the staff and activities.
Firstly, I was in Livello 5 (in May 2003) and the first half of Livello 6
(in June). For Livello 5, I had Gianni for grammar and Lucia for
conversation. In Livello 6, Simona was the instructor for grammar and
Gianni conducted the conversation lesson.
Lucia is kind, tactful and thoughtful. She handled the group well,
encouraging students to interact. She had interesting ideas for topics and brought in various articles and handouts to stimulate conversation.
Simona is so sweet---whenever someone would make a mistake, she had a gentle way of correcting him or her. Her enthusiasm is appreciated.
As you know, Livello 5 grammar covers (in my opinion) some challenging topics like il Congiuntivo and i Congiunzioni. These subjects are truly Gianni's strengths. He is very detailed, clear and concise in his teaching style. I like his matter-of-fact, direct personality. He is a very intelligent and cultured man, but certainly not a snob. His skills in the conversation lessons are also excellent. He knows how to facilitate (rather than dominate) a discussion. For me, Gianni's grammar classes were challenging, but not overwhelming. And, if I started to doubt my abilities, he was always encouraging and helpful.
You are probably not aware of Gianni's generosity towards his students. He would often give extra effort and time to help meet the needs and interests of his students.
I also participated in some extra activities like the excursion to San
Gimignano/Sienna and the afternoon trip to the vineyard in Chianti.
Monica's passion for Art is evident. She was wonderful as a guide.
Daniele did a great job as our escort to Chianti. His explanations were understood by even beginner-level students. Many of the others made similar comments about Monica and Daniele.
I also participated in the Cooking Classes (4 lessons). They were so much fun---the time flew by. Clarissa is energetic, enthusiastic and kind. Also, the secretarial staff at the school was always polite and very helpful.
As for my housing arrangements, I opted for the "family plan" for the 6 weeks. I stayed in the home of Mrs. Nada Albertazzi. Everything was wonderful. She is kind, thoughtful, and friendly yet not intrusive. Her home is beautiful, comfortable and exceptionally clean. It was a perfect arrangement for me.
My only suggestion for improvement is the hall that I was in for Livello 5. (I think it was number 23 or 24---it's the largest of the three along Via Bufalini, on the west end of the school.) It was difficult to hear due to the acoustics of the hall and the noise from the street. Perhaps something could be added to the walls to help absorb the sound.
Overall, my experience at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci was excellent. I would highly recommend the school to anyone interested in learning Italian.

Dawn Mattera Young

From: Allen Poma
Posted: Juin 04, 2003
Dear Sirs:
My name is Allen Poma and I was a student at your school during the month of April. I wanted to write and say how impressed I was with the school during my stay. I found everyone at the school to be very organized and interested in the student. The classes were wonderfully taught by enthusiastic teachers. One teacher that I feel needs special recognition is Sebastiano; he was my grammar teacher for two weeks and then my conversational instructor for two weeks. He is a remarkable instructor with an outstanding command of the Italian language and fluent in English, but most importantly, he is a very kind and concerned teacher.

I look forward to returning to your school for more lessons in the near
future and am certainly going to recommend Scuola Leonardo da Vinci - Rome to any one interested in learning Italian.

Thank you again for everything,
Allen Poma

From: Caroline Burr     
Posted: April 13, 2003
Country: USA     
The website is excellent and has answered the questions that I have. I am planning to attend the school for four weeks in April of 2004. In addition to the language classes I want to take the Art History class. I am looking forward to having a wonderful experience.
Right now I am finishing one college year of Italian at the University of Colorado. I am a retired person.
I am planning to stay with a host family eating breakfast and dinner with the family. I have not yet taken "Test Your Italian." I will wait until I have finished my classes this year to take the test to see where I will probably be placed!

From: Tim
Posted: April 13, 2003
Country: USA     
Cool site, see you next April after I finish teaching here in South Korea!


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