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Duration: from 3 weeks
Lessons: 140
Levels: min. B1
Participants: min. 5 students
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Preparation course for Medical studies in Italy

The preparation course for medical studies in Italy is intended for students willing to study in a Medicine Faculty in Italy. In order to be admitted to Italian University, one must pass an entrance examination on scientific subjects (in Italian). For those students who need to take an entrance exam for a restricted access faculty, we provide a special course.

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci is among the first schools that offer preparation courses for medical students. During our thirty years of experience we have put together a program which in its composition corresponds to the official program of the entrance exams. In our courses, the main emphasis is put on the language tuition and a thorough preparation in the various examination subjects.

In the preparation course the students are taught by highly qualified and experienced lecturers. Purpose of the courses is not only to successfully pass the entrance exams at university, but, thanks to a careful tuition of many examination subjects of the first university year, to enable the students to immediately take up their studies at the university.

During the last thirty years we have prepared several hundred students to successfully pass the entrance exams for Italian universities.

Students from EU-member countries may apply for the entrance exam directly at the University in Italy (more information: http://www.universitaly.it/). Requirements for enrollment: the upper high school qualification must be translated, authenticated and provided with a "Certificate of equivalence of qualification" (dichiarazione di valore), issued by the Italian Consulate in their country.

Students from other countries must apply to the entrance exam at the italian consular delegation in their country. Before attending the entrance exam (scientific subjects) students must pass an Italian language proficiency test.

We are at your disposal for any further information.


Here an example of the course program (subject to changes):


The aim of this language program is to provide foreign students wishing to study Medicine in Italy with the knowledge of the Italian language necessary to be able to participate in our special courses and to pass the university entrance examination.



The purpose of this course is to provide future medical students the special scientific vocabulary needed to pass the university entrance examination and to participate without difficulty in the lectures and the advanced tutorial classes of the first year of university.

Linguistic abilities are developed enabling the participant to understand a scientific subject, to discuss it and to express his opinion in writing about it. Furthermore, the student is instructed on how to find his way through the relevant literature and to interpret it properly.

Participation in this course requires a good knowledge of the Italian language, corresponding to Intermediate B1.

Example of subjects that could be taught in the individual subjects:


Preparation course for Medical studies in ItalyBIOLOGY

  • Basic chemical composition of cells, proteins, nucleic acid, simple carbohydrates, glucoses, basic lipids and the families of lipids.
  • Base structure of cells, cellular membrane, cellular nucleus, cellular plasma,
  • Basis of genetic and hereditary theory, the laws of Mendell;
  • Classification of animals and plants and how their level of development reflects this.;
  • asic environmental biology: basic biological cycles of water, carbon, and nitrogen.


  • Synthesis of atomic material;
  • Basics of human anatomy and philology: respiratory organs, digestion system, blood circulation, sexual organs, nervous system, skeleton and limbs;
  • Relationship between vegetative and social aspect.


  • Synthesis of atomic material;
  • Conformity and outlines of chemical compounds and chemical reactions;
  • Symbols and matching equations that show composition and chemical reactions;
  • Classification of elements in sequences, groups and cycles. Consideration of the patterns and properties of elements which follow the cycle;
  • Theory of electrons, acids, bases and salts
  • Metals and non-metals;
  • Organic matter used in petrochemicals.


  • Algebra; relative numbers, powers, polinominals, linear equations and quadratic equations, geometrical and aritmethic sequences, logarithms;
  • Trigonometry, definition of sine, cosine, tangent, formulas for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Geometry: circles and spheres, calculation of perimeters, areas and volume, Pythagorus' triangle theory of the relationship between division and congruence, calculation of angles in degrees and of radiants


  • Basic mechanics; movement, velocity, acceleration, matter, gravity, action and reaction, laws of gravity, pendulum, work, force, simple machines, properties of liquids
  • Basic knowledge of acoustics, optics, thermology (theory of heat), thermodynamics, electrical and electromagnetic phenomenons such as current, magnetism, electromagnetism, electrostatics, electrolysis, effects of joules
  • Synthesis of matter; different varieties of rays: X-rays, gamma, alpha and beta rays.


If requested, we can provide lodgings for our students. The following kinds of accommodation are available:

  • With a family, single or double room with breakfast or half-board
  • Apartment, single or double room with use of kitchen

Accommodation costs: please click here

The price of the course includes:

  • Initial test and interview
  • Teaching Material
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Information and help with administrative issues


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