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Officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci ®

Viareggio is a wonderful resort in every season, and thanks to the sea closeness, its climate is very mild. Spending a stay here means knowing young Italian students, discovering the real Italian life style, tasting the delicious specialities of Tuscan cuisine, walking around and going jogging in the surrounding pinewoods, sunbathing on the large and endless beaches of Versilia, and enjoying the lively nightlife.

Spaghetti party in Viareggio

We offer leisure activities as well and organise on a regular basis:

  • Welcome dinner on the first day of the course.
  • Every Thursday we organize a "spaghetti party" on the beach.
  • Every Wednesday we organize an excursion to culturally rich cities; well-organized half-day trips to cities like Lucca, Pisa, Pietrasanta. Tour guides are professionally trained to work with foreign students. Besides giving information, they encourage the learning and practice of the language.
  • Every week the Institute also organizes activities such as singing lessons where you can learn traditional songs, films and documentaries of cultural interest, going to discos and other gatherings. Activities are posted on the bulletin board in the reception area.
  • Weekend Program:
    Viareggio is a Mediterranean city with a mild climate and thus an ideal place to spend your holidays. Several times a year the city holds events that bring everyone together, both Viareggians and foreigners alike, such as the Float parade full music, colour, and dancing. The cultural activities of Viareggio include concerts for the young, classical music, cinema sessions etc.
    For the weekends, we offer information on do-it-yourself excursions to places of interest with respect to art and history: Florence, Cinque Terre, Rome. The number and diversity of excursions to interesting places in the vicinity at the weekend is great.
    If you prefer nature you can discover mountainous passes and valleys or relaxing routes by bicycle.

La scuola organizza escursioni nei dintorni di RomaInvitiamo i nostri studenti a partecipare alle serate cinematografiche a scuolaScoprite l'appassionante vita notturna di Roma - organizziamo anche serate in discotecaOrganizziamo partite di calcio con gli altri studentiLa segreteria della scuola ti aiuta ad organizzare le attività per il tempo libero


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