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Starting dates: every Monday for non beginners
Duration: from 2 to 4 weeks
Lessons: 12 or 24
Level: all ability levels, from Beginner to Advanced
Dates: on request
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This course allows students to choose from a wide variety of techniques and materials, including modeling clay, marble sculpture and wood carving. Students may choose to focus on a particular technique or through diverse techniques and materials. There will be an introduction to specific designs used in relation to the various techniques of sculpture at the beginning of the course.


During the course, students will learn to utilize the materials that are fundamental in creating a fresco, using the techniques applied by the masters of both the Medieval and Renaissance time periods. Students will also express their ideas in sketches, using these new techniques. Knowledge gained will be put into practice through the implementation of one or more works.


The basic techniques to create a mosaic from different materials are presented in this course. For those who are beginners, we use ceramic tiles to imitate a selected template. For students who already have knowlegde of basic techniques, instead we use glazed marble tiles to create original designs. By learning about the basic techniques of traditional mosaic, at the end of the course the student will be able to create a classic style mosaic on their own.


The purpose of this course is to enable students to achieve technical control of the camera and enter the world of photography in its many forms; from architecture to portraits, from studio photography to photo reportage. The culture of photography, reading visual images and knowledge of some of the best photographers in the world, leads the way to understanding that life has many shades and everything depends on the perspective from which you view the world, because the vision of all that surrounds us can be manipulated in some way by our creativity.


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Officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education.
Address: Via Bufalini 3  IT - 50122, Florence, Italy
Telephone: (+39) 055-261.181 - Fax: (+39) 055-294.820
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Passionate about art, fashion or design?

The Leonardo da Vinci schools offer the possibility to study Italian language and, at the same time, discover Italian traditions, such as art, fashion and design. In particular, our schools in Florence and Milan have studied a special offer. For more information visit: art courses in Italy.


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