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Level: all ability levels, from Beginner to Advanced
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The "History of Fashion" course is offered at our Milan school.


Through a historical journey, based on the principal developments in fashion through the centuries, you will study the styles and trends which, still today, inspire the development and the creativity of the most famous stylists. The teacher, specialized in the field of fashion and design, will present you, in chronological order, with the trends that have influenced the fashion of today. You will also be taught about some of the most important case studies to understand the birth of trends and the creative dynamics of today. 

A fascinating journey which retraces the development of the most important fashion and accessories designers to present students with the biggest changes which occurred in fashion between the 18th and 20th centuries. 

These changes regard tastes and international fashion trends, schools, main players and contexts. The study of such changes will be combined with an analysis of social and cultural transformations, as well as advancements in science/technology, in economics and in the distribution of merchandise.

History of Fashion Design in Italy

Course Program:

  • Nature and origins of fashion
  • Aristocratic Fashion
  • The birth and development of high fashion
  • Coco Chanel: the birth of 'Chic'
  • High fashion after World War 2
  • The birth of prêt-à-porter
  • Fashion of 'Made in Italy'
  • Armani: 'postmodern' fashion
  • Gucci and Prada
  • Levi's and the myth of jeans
  • The case of Diesel
  • Adidas, Nike, Reebok: the fascination with sprot
  • The first youth subcultures
  • mods
  • punk
  • The supermarket of styles



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Officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education.
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Passionate about art, fashion or design?

The Leonardo da Vinci schools offer the possibility to study Italian language and, at the same time, discover Italian traditions, such as art, fashion and design. In particular, our schools in Florence and Milan have studied a special offer. For more information visit: art courses in Italy.


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