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Italian language professional course for cinema


Inizio dei corsi: ogni lunedì
Durata: minimo 2 settimane
Lezioni: 6 al giorno, 30 a settimana
Livello: a partire dal 3° livello
Numero di studenti: massimo 14 per ogni classe
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This course consists of 4 lessons in a Intensive Language Course plus 2 private tutorials on Italian Cinema, each day.

The course is designed for those who have a passion and/or professional interest in Italian cinema. As in all thematic courses, this one aims not only at providing knowledge of contemporary Italian cinema, but also at improving the student's general knowledge of the Italian language on the basis of the didactic principle that the things that interest us are much more easily assimilated.

The program can be carried out in several ways:

A) a look at the main Italian figures of post-war Italy, at cinematic trends and movements, with viewing and stylistic analyses of important scenes;

B) the presentation and analysis of a specific movement or figure;

C) the presentation and analysis of a particular film.

The following topics might be handled during the course:

Program A:

  • Italian cinema at the end of the war
  • Neo-realism
  • Comic cinema
  • Comedy, Italian style
  • Cinema around 1968
  • The first generation of directors: Rossellini, Fellini, Antonioni, De Sica, Pasolini
  • The second generation: Comencini, Risi, Bolognini, Monicelli, the Taviani brothers, Bertolucci, Ferreri
  • The third generation: Nanni Moretti, Salvatores, Tornatore
  • Comic cinema in Tuscany: Benigni, Pieraccioni and others
    The avant-garde

Programs B and C:

If a student is particularly interested in a cinematic movement, in a director or in a particular work, the course can focus entirely on that topic. In such cases, we recommend that the student inform us before arriving in order to give the instructor sufficient time to prepare a specific program with selected texts.

Example of Program B: Nanni Moretti

His works: Io sono un autarchico (1975), Ecce bombo (1977), Sogni d'oro (1981), Bianca (1984), La messa è finita (1985), Palombella rossa (1989), Caro diario (1993), Aprile (1998). Nanni Moretti, actor: Il portaborse (1989), La seconda volta (1994), etc. Biography. Awards and mentions. His social and political activities. Satire, irony, sarcasm. The viewing and analysis of some of the most important scenes from some of his films, etc.

Example of Program C: Mediterraneo by Gabriele Salvatores

The third film of Gabriele Salvatores, the young Italian director, won the Oscar for the best foreign film of 1991. It recounts the vicissitudes of eight Italian soldiers sent to a peaceful Greek island and forgotten there from 1941 to 1944, while all around the Second World War rages. A story about the beauty of getting away, of being beyond the world. The film begins with a phrase by Henry Laborit: In times like these, flight is the only means of staying alive and continuing to dream and it ends with a quote from the director: this film is dedicated to all of those who are running away. Characters: Raffaele Montini, the lieutenant; Eliseo Strazzabosco, the mule driver; Libero and Felice Munaron, the Alpine brothers, etc.


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To focus on specific subject we have studied some professional courses.
If you need to deal with specific topics related to you profession, we recommend that you please inform the school before your arrival, in order to better prepare the program of the course.


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