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Italian language courses in Milan

On this page you can find out all information about Italian language courses at our school in Milan. Don't forget to also have a look at our special course that are held only at our Milanese school.

As in all of the Leonardo da Vinci schools, Italian lessons are held by teachers with Italian as their mother tongue, who are specialized in the teaching of the language to foreign students. From the first day, you will speak only in Italian! For more information about our teaching methods, lessons, ability levels, teaching programs, teaching material, education and training, diplomas and exams,click here.

Italian courses Italian courses generally take place during the morning or during the afternoon, leaving you time to visit the city or to dedicate yourself to other activities, to meet other students and to enjoy yourself. The school offers many activities for your free time: click here to learn more.

We guarantee a maximum of 12 students per class, to optimize the quality of the courses.

Types of courseNumber of weeksNumber of lessons
Ask for more information | Enroll now
Intensive Italian Language course min. 1 4 a day
20 a week
Reduced price intensive course min. 5  4 a day 20 a week
One week courses 1 4 a day
20 a week
Super Intensive course min. 1 6 aday 30 a week
Intensive course plus 5 or plus 10 min. 1 4 a day
20 a week
Giro d’ Italia: tour of Italy, learning Italian min. 2 4 a day 20 a week
"Italy Today" language and culture course 2 o 4 50 in 2 weeks
Part time Italian course min. 8 see details
Evening Italian language course min. 4 see details
Diploma «Firenze» - preparation course for the exams 4 6 a day
30 a week
Private lessons for 1, 2 or 3 participants min. 1 from 3 to 8 a day
from 15 to 40 a week
Professional courses 2 see details
Preparation course for fashion and design academies from 4 to 28 see details
Preparation course for studying at an Italian university see details see details
Courses for teachers of Italian see details see details
Academic year 32 640 in 32 weeks
Sabbatical Year 48 960 in 48 weeks
History of art course min. 2 12 in 2 weeks
Italian cooking course see details see details
Italian wines course details see details
Art, fashion and design courses min. 2 12 in 2 weeks
(4 sessions)
Language preparatory semester in Design details see details
Music specialization courses min. 2 see details
La Dolce Vita 1 o 2 20 + visits and excursions

 Below we highlight some of the special courses which are offered in Milan


If you want to learn or to improve your knowledge of Italian, but you do not have time for a daily course, we offer you the opportunity to follow a Part Time course, twice a week.
This evening course is particularly recommended for those that already live, study or work in Milan. Courses take place throughout the year and are based on 6 monthly ability levels. The course lasts at least 8 weeks.

 More info: Part Time Course, Dates: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Prices, Request information


The Preparatory Semester is designed for high school graduates who need to improve their language skills and intend to enrol in one of NABA’s three-year Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees or making a semester experience into the italian design.

More info: Language Preparatory Semester in Design, Calendar, Prices, Request information


The "academic year" is an Italian language and culture course that lasts 32 weeks, completed by students who want to have the experience of living and working in Italy. The course not only combines both language and culture lessons, but the program also includes the principal elements of the C2 level of the European Portfolio of Language. In addition, the course offers students the opportunity to see the different elements of Italy, a country rich in history and culture, with their own eyes.

More info: Academic Yearcalendarprices, Request information


Officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education.
Address: Via Darwin 20  IT - 20143, Milano, Italia
Telephone: (+39) 02-8324.1002 - Fax: (+39) 02-8942.5256
: learnitalianmilan - Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Skype Wolfango Poggi (managing director - languages spoken: English - Español - Srpski)
Skype Sanda Stevanovic (managing director - languages spoken: English - Français - Srpski)
Skype Gessica Zorz (managing assistant, general enquiries, enrollments - languages spoken: English, Chinese)
Skype Valentina Parini (front office, general enquiries, enrollments - languages spoken: English - Spanish - German)
Skype Anna Tempesta (front office, general enquiries, enrollments - languages spoken: English - Polish - Russian - Chinese)
Skype Enrico Quaroni (didactic coordinator - languages spoken: English, Spanish)

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