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Leonardo da Vinci school in Milan in accreditated as a Green Standard School

2021: Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Milan receives accreditation as a Green Standard School: a worldwide and non-profit association of language schools committed to protecting the environment.

Green Standard School
The project supports, certifies and promotes schools which, thanks to their concrete commitment to reducing the ecological footprint of the school complex, their ability to study and promote sustainable behaviors, become an example of a school oriented towards sustainability.

Towards a greener future
The school has always been committed to actively guide its students and all staff towards virtuous behavior, thus helping to train citizens who are aware and respectful of the environment and the common good.

Our commitment
As a Green Standard School, we make a concrete and daily commitment to reduce the ecological footprint of our school and to promote a culture of sustainable development among students and school staff.

Not just waste
Separate collection is one of our first commitments towards a more sustainable world. Separating waste and dividing it correctly allows you to recover materials useful for the production of new objects, helping to safeguard the environment and not waste resources.

Save the planet
Our students can help us achieve a fundamental goal: to become a plastic free school. In fact, in our school, students do not find plastic bottles, but a dispenser of fresh, filtered and good, natural or sparkling water. No cost to them and no plastic for the planet. Read more about "Save the planet" project.


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Scuola Leonardo da Vinci has won the "ST Star Awards" as best Italian Language School in Italy

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